History 24/01/20 Operation “W. Bussard”: how the Nazi trained saboteurs from the Russian street children

In 2006, in Russia, the scandal around the film “Bastards”, dedicated to the young Soviet saboteurs in WWII. In the course of discussions it became clear that specially trained teenagers actually used in the war, but not in the red Army, and on the other side of the front.

“the Attitude to forgive him”

After the failure of the Nazi offensive at Moscow, when the front stabilized for a long time, increased the role of the Abwehr. However, the performance abandoned by the Germans in the rear of the Russian saboteurs left much to be desired. Statistics voluntary surrenders and failures of jobs has grown steadily. In this situation, the Nazis and thought to recruit children. Indeed, if Soviet teenagers go to the front as volunteers and engage in guerrilla units, what prevents to use them for the opposite purposes? Moreover, the minor is quite malleable, they are easy to teach to such actions as the laying of mines on the railroad. And the attention of adults 10-16 year old boys from time to time will not attract – or so was the thinking of the officers of the Abwehr.

“the preparation team of 30-40 teenagers will need much less time and money. In Russia they do not have any documents, they crammed all the major front-line stations, treat them military protection and sympathetic and forgiving,” said the captain, Fritz Bolz, who led abwehrgroups-209. This unit had the Bussard radio call sign (so in German the bird is called a Buzzard, it is also common Buzzard – close to the hawk is a predator of European forests).

In the war years in the occupied territories tried to survive hundreds of thousands of street children, often orphans. The main part of the future saboteurs were taken from orphanages of Smolensk and Belarusian Orsha. But sometimes the Sonderkommando were taken of the children have living parents, assuring them that they will serve in the ROA (Russian liberation army of General Vlasov).

“Tried to raise monsters”

In July 1943, the Germans established a commando school for teenagers in the district of Kassel. “Good,” for it was given personally by the head of the Abwehr, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. And Fritz Bolz provided for the training of young killers a private hunting cottage in the village of Hemfurth.

the Main teacher of a “special team Gemport” was the former head of the Riga boy scouts white Russians Yuri Rostov-Belomorin (who had the nickname “Evtukhovich”). There is evidence that “branch” school of young saboteurs were in Smolensk. And towards the end of war “team Gemport” settled in Poland. Now here have gained not only boys but also girls.

training was given month. Given the natural tendency of teenagers to adventures, the Germans tried to make them cynical criminals.

“Of Slavic children who have lost their parents, the Nazi fanatics were trying to raise monsters, aimed at robbery and murder of his countrymen,” writes the General – the major of KGB Nikolay Governors in the book “SMERSH vs Bussard”.

Future saboteurs were indoctrinated in the spirit of Nazism, and also studied the basics of topography, shooting and drill. In his spare time “educators” took their wards to the theatres and solder them alcohol.

Overshot Sarich

during operation “W. Bussard,” the Nazis have over 110 Teens. Their main task was the destruction of the frontline communications. The first group of 29 children the Germans were thrown into Soviet territory in August-September 1943. When each of the saboteurs had 3-4 mines under the form of lumps of coal.

How effective in the end was a project by Fritz Bolza? Russian historians claim that all or almost all teenagers voluntarily surrendered “SMERSH”. Much credit for this belongs to the teacher Rostov-Belomoina, who had connections withovetsky counterintelligence. The history of the school for young spies ended up in the Polish Lodz in 1945, when the Soviet agent Alexei Skorobogatov along with the growth and Belomorian brought the children to the location of the red Army.

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