Hockey players

In the framework of the regular championship of the Continental hockey League (KHL) Moscow “Dynamo” will accept the capital “Spartak”. The meeting, which was held in the format of vintage match will be held on Sunday, February 23.

Retro match will be dedicated to the 1960-th years. As the press service of “Dynamo”, both teams will take the ice stadium in a special form, and for the fans to be released retro paraphernalia – badges, scarves, pennants, sweatshirts.

the atmosphere of the match on Derby day, will fully meet the era of the last century – the fans will see the exhibition of vintage photographs and Soviet cars, a special photo zone, interactives, field kitchen, as well as a special design on mediumstrength.

Before the game, a ceremony of raising under the arches of the arena coaching the banner of the famous player of “Dynamo” Vladimir Yurzinov, who, on 20 February, will celebrate its anniversary – the day he will be 80 years old.

we will Remind, “the Dynamo” with 75 points and is in fifth place in the Western conference, and “Spartak” it is located below the line, having five points less. Both teams are guaranteed a part in the play-offs.