In a series of travel agencies, of tour operator Thomas Cook in Belgium, and today it closed unchanged. It’s going to be a small office network with a few people to ride the wave of questions from people to be able to. They have to reinforce now it is the employees in larger firms. “I would estimate that about half of the shops are closed,” said Els De Coster, of the liberal trade union ACLVB. The trade union of the employees are also invited to submit to the Nrs dropping down to the 15: 00-scheduled entity.

with the closure of the small office, it was decided, in consultation with the regioverantwoordelijken, puts Her Degryse of the socialist union BBTK off. “The shops are grouped according to the number of questions to be able to.”

See also makes a statement about the future. In the afternoon the works council at Thomas Cook Belgium

all The trade unions, sent out in the afternoon, a call to the workers of the agency in order for Nrs to come up. De Coster: “The half of the Neckermannvakantie stores and on the Thomas Cook travelshops, it is now closed, but we suspect that even more will join because of the willingness is great the staff council to attend to.”

“They all feel cheated,” says Degryse says. Thus, claimed to be the CEO, yesterday, that all of the bills were paid, while the airline company, Brussels Airlines, later said the flights have to cancel due to the difficult financial situation of Thomas Cook, and the fact that the operator to be in arrears on the last couple of weeks and not be able to meet”.

in the Meantime, the trade unions, on an ad-hocvakbondsloket be opened at the head office in Gembloux. De Coster explains what is happening: “We have a room to itself. People can come individually, alongside, or with a few colleagues. Especially the question, ” what if it goes wrong, comes back, and, in particular, by people who are in extraordinary situations who are in credit, or who have health problems in that country. The staff have a lot of questions.”