World CHAMPIONSHIPS time-trial time to be a good call, he did not sit down. But it was good. With the phone to your ear. We were given all the time we wanted, an hour-long, in the condition, that the Victor Campenaerts (27) is by no means the least effort needed to do so. ‘Marginal gains’, a man who was world champion time-trial will be set.

Campenaerts allowed himself to quit shaving.

for example, If we have an interview request, there are typically only two outcomes are possible: either the person in question has time and feel like it, or not. For you, it’s a little bit different. Explain again why the us is now on the phone, hang up and do not face each other, sit and have a coffee.

“Because the are less effort than it does to sit down. Each and every moment of rest, it is a winning point. I’ve been in a couple of weeks into this mindset. I want to be at the top in the time trial, and every little bit helps.”

an interview with such a problem?

“No it doesn’t. This is a very minor thing, for a marginal gain. I’m here now, without any gel in my hair and in my running, but I have to now live with you would be, would I like to come to you. I would be careful of, in my mind, I would quite sit up straight, I would do my shoulders and backward, push it in and I took my head to stop. Your body puts out a very small amount of energy and that will save me now.”