History 02/02/20 “Green Ghost”: how to fight the deadliest train

Defending during the great Patriotic war the black sea coast train No. 5 had the official name “Zheleznyakov”. However, the Germans besieging Sevastopol, the lethality and unusual appearance called him “Green Ghost”.


the armored Train “Zheleznyakov” was built in November 1941 on the Sevastopol marine plant. It is named in honour of the participant in the October revolution sailor Anatoly Zheleznyakov, who during the Civil war he commanded an armored train.

the Composition had 4 armored car, equipped with guns, 76.2 mm and 76 mm artillery 34-and 82 mm mortars. Also the train could fire simultaneously, 16 gunners. Wheel driven armored locomotive Ov and the second, more powerful, but not protected from the shells hit a freight locomotive El−2500, which was to provide sufficient maneuverability on the rise in the area of Sevastopol.

“Green Ghost” in the

As he recalled the author of “Sevastopol armored train” ensign Nikolay Aleksandrov, who served on the petty officer gunners, the composition constantly changed appearance. Soldiers regularly masked buenaposada, describing them in a protective camouflage color, coating spots and stripes. The entire length of the train on poles hung camouflage nets, making the composition difficult to notice from afar.

in the first RAID on 7 November 1941 “Zheleznyakov” successfully bombarded the German army in the Crimean Tatar village of Duvankoy, taking the Nazis by surprise.

“at First the Nazis thought that they beat some of the new battery Russian and when I learned that this train was then dubbed him “Green Ghost”. Well, the name is apt! Our “Zheleznyakov” appears suddenly, strikes a crushing blow, and as suddenly disappears,” wrote Alexander.

the Mainctica use of an armored train No. 5 was in a rapid attack. Going at full speed of the train tunnel, the composition for a few minutes and disappeared in another tunnel. During this time, gunners and machine gunners intense fire caused the enemy serious damage. The Germans, as a rule, did not have time to hit the carriages of the artillery. If flew the aircraft, the crew of the “Zheleznyakova” successfully repelled attacks from the air, inciting the aircraft.

a day train could make several flights. The composition does not got to the shattered way ahead of the “Green Ghost” is always followed intelligence Motorina. In addition, to train attributed to the recovery team, involved in the repair of damaged rails and sleepers.

In the eight months of fighting, “Green Ghost” has made 140 visits. Only from January 7 to March 1, 1942 in the RAID on the train were killed up to 1,500 enemy soldiers and officers. In addition, the “Zheleznyakov” destroyed 9 bunkers, 10 cargo wagons, 13 machine gun nests, 3 trucks, 6 bunkers, 3 aircraft and 1 heavy battery.

the death of the “Zheleznyakova”

Regular attacks of the “Green Ghost” was irritated by the command of the Wehrmacht, and on 26 June 1942 the Germans sent a squadron of 50 aircraft that bombed a base of the armored train – the Trinity tunnel. Collapsed one of the entrances, after covering buenaposada, however, the surviving part of the soldiers fought even during the day, having three fire RAID on the enemy,

“”the Green Ghost” justified his nickname. It was covered with earth, crushed, bombed, and he still lives, acts, strikes”, it was about the author of memoirs.

However, on 27 June struck a second entrance to the tunnel. The surviving members of the crew were taken off the train guns and continued to defend together with the other parts.

in 2 months the Germans pulled buenaposada, clearing the tunnel, and created on the basis of the “Green Ghost” a private armored train “Eugen”, which was then blown up during the retreat in 1944.

From the “Zheleznyakova” onhappened only undamaged auxiliary engine, series e, which were in use until 1967. In the 1970-ies in memory of the famous train this locomotive mounted near the railway station of Sevastopol.

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