Thomas is Bankrupt, Els Luyten (27) and her friend Loved it Speybrouck (29) from Merchtem were huge for a week to enjoy a luxurious travel in the Philippines. Five-star, all-inclusive, and is enjoying it. At least that was the plan. Because of the bankruptcy of the British tour operator Thomas Cook and the couple booked their holiday through Neckermann and see Els, and Loved their holiday, and now fall apart. In the meantime, she is a total lack of communication and false promises are more than fed up. “We really do have a limit. We just want to go back to the house,” a witness to Els from the town of Hammamet.

even Though Thomas Cook in Belgium, and a subsidiary of Neckermann set up by Belgian travellers, in the foreign country does not exist the consequences of the failure of the British group Thomas Cook Group Plc is subject to the Flemish couple, the exact opposite is true. Immediately upon arrival on Saturday at the luxury hotel “Les Orangers” got it wrong.

See also, Thomas is bankrupt, what happens to the Belgians? All the questions are answered, 3.300 euros

“When we arrived, we were immediately in the lobby, on the side, set it up,” explains Els on the phone. “The hotel asked us for the payment of a sum of 3,300 euros to pay for it. They had no money, Thomas Cook, and wanted it to be, we would have to pay for. That is what we have not done it, but we were already about 1,600 euro in consideration for our journey through Neckermann.” It was the beginning of a days game, from the box to the wall, sent to be…