The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky for his career move as a comedian. And that’s for the Ukrainians to know about it. In the and YES, Russia to 201 9 the conference showed the president is going to be a funny video of an imaginary conversation between the various leaders. In the video, in which he, among other things, the dragon is the big powers such as China and Russia, or countries such as Finland and Russia was in the meantime, more.

from A political conference that was quite a game, it should be the president and the comedian – Zelensky have been thinking of when he made the movie to each other put in which he did a lot of government derided. The funny video shows how a group chat would look like if conducted by some of the excellencies. In the pictures they have on social media is to be distributed, you can hear how the audience is the joke, however, can be different flavors. On Twitter go to the pictures more.