Formula 1. Team Racing Point appeared in pink color

Another presentation took place in the world “Royal races”: formulicheskimi team Racing Point held a presentation of the new car, which will compete in the world Cup racing season in 2020. Interestingly, in the coloring of the machines “stable” is dominated by pink color.

In the new season, “Formula 1” racers team Racing Point will be Mexican Sergio Perez and canadian lance Stroll. “Stable” has announced that its new title sponsor will be the company BWT. While insiders report that the year 2020 will probably be the last for the band with the current name: most likely, next season Racing Point needs to be renamed to Aston Martin.

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New year, new look! 🤩 Introducing… BWT Point Racing F1 Team, with @bestwatertechnology signing up as title partner! 🤜🤛 Drop us an emoji to let us know what you think! #F1 #Formula1 #Motorsport

Publish from BWT Point Racing F1 Team (@racingpointf1) Feb 17, 2020 at 6:08 PST