Footballer Arshavin kicked out of the apartment his ex-wife with her daughter

the Former wife of Russian footballer Andrei Arshavin said that ex-husband and his mother are going to evict her from the apartment, along with her daughter. Alice has already sent the relevant documents.

At the beginning of 2019, the star couple announced the end of a relationship. The reason for the divorce became of adultery. In July the court of St. Petersburg annulled the marriage of Andrew and Alice.

this showdown is not over. In the requirement about eviction says that the woman should leave the apartment with the child, informs StarHit. This is due to the fact that the house belongs to the former mother-in-law, the mother of a football player. Alice is outraged by this phenomenon, because soon the heiress Arshavin birthday. Ex-wife called the request for the eviction of a kind of “gift”.

Andrei Arshavin consisted in a civil marriage with TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya. The couple had three children. Arshavin left Baranovskaya in 2012 when she was pregnant. The player chose Alice Kazmina, which officially joined in marriage. They had a daughter.