St. Nicholas, The Dutch rapper Jebroer evening all, after a few minutes of his performance at the festival, also known as The Big Jump in Sint-Niklaas, be stopped. The business had to pay for it.

It’s not the first time that Jebroer a new gig soon, later love. The Studentenwelkom in Leuven two years ago, he started up the business, according to him, in the fog, and entered. Also on Saturday, The Big Bounce at the recreation park De Ster in Sint-Niklaas, he focused his energies on the business. On the second issue, he said that it could not go on. “The sound is so bad. I can go no further. At the sound man, thank you very much, it sounds like there’s nothing to go to. I would love to have a good show for them, but if you can’t. My voice skips and stutters,” said Jebroer with a rasping voice through the micro.He and I watched it and got off the stage.

the Organizer Guy Pluym of the festival, and The Big But is bored with it. “Jebroer was the headliner. This is very annoying, because it’s a technical problem, it was that we, as an organisation, has no control over. Previously, we have a geluidsfirma in. It is possible that the cause was a power failure, a quarter of an hour earlier. As a visitor to a cable from under a tent to be removed and pulled out. The music on the main stage is less than 5 minutes to cut off. The engineers have, that may not be enough to recover. They had to be completely reset, they told me to.”

the Term

From the audience, there was dissatisfaction with the speed of the cessation of the action. Through the site, is there a term for Jebroer. “He was on the podium three times at the sound engineer to mute the sound from the microphone can be improved. He heard his voice crack and had to get a lot of feedback. After a quarter of an hour, he stated that it really is so not me. He was really angry. If he is on the stage of the business in order to fit in, I’m going to assume that this is possible. If that doesn’t happen, I know that an artist, as a Jebroer not let it pass by. It is not intended to be in the audience, afterwards, goes on to say that the action by Jebroer on anything to me.”

Jebroer it was a Saturday and the end of The Big Bounce. It was behind the stage, there was still dialogue between Jebroer, and the sound. “If the sound is back and in full in order to start from the beginning again,” said Guy Pluym. “But that is our limit, it was 23: 30. We had announced that in order to stop the music.” And it was in the middle of the 12, so it’s too late to do so. We regret this enormously, of course. We have Jebroer very, very good. We have had him for at least a dozen times and have booked several other events. Never before were the technical problems. And now, this.”