Get Fit & Healthy Today is the International Day of the Deaf, the new Smartphone is a StorySign campagnefilm, where the Flanders, Otto, and his family are the central focus. The purpose of this is to bring more awareness to be created around the bridge, who are hard-of-hearing and deaf children, between a sign language and a written language.

did you Know that globally, as many as 32 million deaf and hard-of-hearing children? Nine out of ten of their hearing parents did not have direct access to a sign language. This means that these children find it more difficult to learn to read, they do so because of a lack of resources, in order to bridge the gap between sign language and written language.

Technology and services company, Huawei, wants, today, on the International day of the Deaf, and the awareness about this is increasing. They do this by campagnefimpje the launch, which is the well-known film director Chris Overton (who won an Oscar with ‘The Silent Child’) is a Flemish family, in order to determine how StorySign a pretty simple app, and can contribute to the world of books for deaf and hard-of-hearing children.