History 06/02/20 “Dormant account” Swiss banks: who got the “gold of the Third Reich” in fact,

In Swiss banks his money was kept by the Nazis and their victims. The latter tried to hide the wealth away from the eye of the Nazi regime. However, many Jews, like many Germans, were killed by the end of the Second World war. What happened to their “sleeping accounts”?

Jewish Money and Nazi gold

For the time in power of the Nazis, Germany had to loot a lot of resources. However, at first the German leadership was not able to pay for these riches imported products: needed the assistance of the international banking community. The Germans opened neutral Switzerland. As written by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams in his book “Grey wolf. The escape of Adolf Hitler”, in 1934, Swiss banks had introduced a new system of numbered accounts, suggesting complete anonymity of their owners. According to Dansana and Williams, a large proportion of customers banking institutions of Switzerland, then, was the Jews living in Germany: they wanted to hide their savings from the eyes of the Nazi regime.

However, Andrey Tikhomirov, the author of the book “the Presidency of Boris Yeltsin: 1991-1999 gg.”, says that Swiss banks have kept their savings not only to the Jewish victims of Nazism, but also their executioners. Indeed, as admitted later Walther Funk, head of the Reichsbank: “in Switzerland we were able to exchange gold for Germany the currency”. Articles of precious metals including flocked into the hands of the Nazi concentration camps were melted into ingots, which are then sent to the Alpine country. The origin of the gold Swiss banks were not interested. Towards the end of the Second World war Switzerland had expressed its willingness to freeze German accounts. The corresponding agreement with the allies was signed in March 1945.

Changing the amount of

After the surrender of Germany began to unfold the whole Saga with the Swiss accounts. The fact that Switzerland was not in a hurry to fulfil their obligations. In the words of one lawyer, the country seems “signaled to the Nazis that they were hiding their wealth.” According to Nicholas Shaxon, the author of “a People robbed the world. Truth and fiction about modern offshore zones”, the first audit was initiated by the Association of Swiss banks, revealed that the total amount of “dormant accounts” that had no heirs, was only 482 thousand francs. However, after pressure from Jewish organizations in 1956 Switzerland reported 86 accounts totaling 862 thousand francs.

meanwhile, the pressure on Switzerland continued. It has intensified in 1994, when the press released a series of articles about the fabulous money that continued to be kept in the vaults of Swiss banks. Israeli media even called the approximate amount of: it was about 40-50 million francs. According to Peter Nobel in the publication “Swiss financial law and international standards”, this led to the fact that in February 1996, the Swiss bankers Association has published a report on the results of another study of “dormant accounts”. This time there were 775, and the total amount discovered in the accounts, amounted to 38,7 million Swiss francs.

the Compromise

Switzerland is trying to handle this “little blood.” However, if you believe Mosyakin Alexander, author of the book, “Robbed Europe: the Ecumenical cycle of treasure”, it ended up that in June 1998 the Swiss banking Association had to sign a contract whereby she was to pay of Jewish organizations of compensation in the amount of $ 600 million. A spokesman for the world organization for restitution Jorma Dori, as well as the majority of victims of Nazism, has remained so dissatisfied with the result. Only by late 1998, the parties came to compromise: the Swiss agreed to pay 1.25 billion to Jewish organisations and established a Fund.

Since then, no claims to the Swiss government not be charged. Meanwhile, according to Andrei Burovskii, author of “the Holocaust. Were and nebyli”, in 2001 Swiss bankers Association published a list of owners “sleeping accounts”, who had no heirs, which was listed as 21 thousand people. This was done to ensure that relatives of the victims could apply for compensation. 4 years later the world saw another list. This time it was listed just 3 of thousands of names. However, about how much money the victims and their executioners is actually in Swiss banks, is still unknown. Even the head of the Reichsbank Walter Funk could not give an exact number of gold ingots sent to Switzerland.

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