The birth certificate: what incorrect information about Boris Yeltsin stated in this document

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Until now, many historians argue about where actually born Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin: Basmanova in the village or in the village of Butka. Most are inclined to believe that the birth place of the President should be the phone booth. At least it is in the local registry office had drafted the act. It is noteworthy that the text of this act is also causing issues.

date of birth

In all official biographies of Boris Yeltsin stated that Russia’s President was born 1 February 1931. This same date was mentioned in all the documents Yeltsin, including the passport. However, as claimed by Rudolf pihoya, author of “the President of the Russian Federation Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin,” in the birth certificate, decorated in Butkinskaya the registry office, it was recorded that Boris Nikolaevich was born on 12 February 1931. Pihoya connects this fact with the fact that after birth, which likely took place at home, the parents decided to wait a few days to find out the survival of the child. They came to the registry office only on February 14, which is also confirmed by appropriate record. However, the version pihoya doesn’t explain why the Registrar specified in the document on 12 February.

meanwhile, it is possible that the parents of Boris Yeltsin, entangled themselves called this date in the Registrar’s office. The fact that, according to Igor Ermolaev, in his book “Historical chronology” at the beginning of 1918 was issued a decree “About introduction in the Russian Republic of the Western European calendar”. According to the decree, the day after 31 January 1918 was to not count on 1 February (Julian calendar) and 14 February (Gregorian calendar). To avoid the mistakes of the Soviet government ordered next to the date in the new calendar to write in brackets the date according to the old style. However, missteps to avoid UDALOS. N. G. Georgiev in the publication “Historical chronology” gives many curious errors associated with the change of the calendar, which was admitted in serious literature. What can we say about the farmers Yeltsin.

Place of birth

puzzling, and the place of registration of the newborn, to whom was referred Butkinskaya the Registrar. And the biographers of the President as the place of his birth indicate the village of Butka, Sverdlovsk region. However, many historians assert that the parents of Boris Yeltsin never lived there. According to Nicholas Zenkovich, the author of the book “the secret relatives”, father Boris Nikolai Ignatievich Yeltsin was born in the village Basmanova. There he remained, and after his marriage to Claudia Vasilievna Starygina. Meanwhile, according to Boris Minaev, the author of the book “Yeltsin,” to give birth to the son of Claudius V. went to the neighbouring village of Butka, where it was at least some conditions: no hospital, but a rural hospital. Confirmed the words Minaev in his memoirs, and Boris Yeltsin.

However, there is another version of how the village of Butka was the birthplace of Boris Yeltsin. It is known that wealthy grandfather, the then future head of state Ignatius of Akimovich Yeltsin dispossessed. He only had 12 hectares of land, but kept the permanent laborers. All acquired from Ignatius Yeltsin took away. Moreover, if you believe Alexander Hinstein, the author of the book “Yeltsin, the Kremlin: a case history”, Ignatius of Akimovich together with his family was exiled from their homelands. Place links Yeltsin and was the village of Butka, which was located just 15 miles from Basmanov. It is through such absurd cases, according to Hinstein, there is a saying “beyond the Urals are not exiled”.

Information for parents

dispossession Yeltsin is connected and another error in the act of the birth of Boris Nikolayevich. According to Rudolf pihoya, the document implies that both parents of the President: Nikolai Ignatievich, and Klavdiya Vasilyevna was at the time appearancetion to light their son “masters”. That’s only if you believe the newspaper “the Communist party to eliminate significant differences between city and village” (K. I Annakulieva, B. D. Elbaum), the abolition of classes in the country began with the October revolution. In the end, in society, there are only two classes – the workers and farmers. Eliminated was the so-called “owners”, which was previously considered Ignatius Ecimovic and Nikolai Ignatievich Yeltsin. At the time of the birth of Boris Yeltsin, they both worked in Butkinskaya the farm “Red may”.

However, the so-called “remnants of the past” in fact, long flashed even in the official documents of Soviet Russia. It was the proverbial “masters”. For example, this concept appeared in the census in 1926. In the publication “a Century under the heading “Secret”: all-Union population census of 1937″ (V. B. Zhiromskaja, I. N. Kiselev, Yu. a. Polyakov), said: “it became Clear the position of the person in occupation: owner, a member of the cooperative, loner, worker, employee, helping in the occupation of a family member”. And 11 years later in the census of 1937, the category of “self-host” still remained. It was lifted only unit owners on working with hired workers and not resorting to employment.

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