Dora Ratjen: as favorite athlete, Hitler was a man

Biography 14/01/20 Dora Ratjen: as favorite athlete, Hitler was a man

Dora Ratjen not in vain in the list of the most beloved athletes of Adolf Hitler in 1938 she set a world record for the high jump. However, in the same year, thanks to the watchful train conductor revealed that Ratjen not a woman and a man.

the Champion of indeterminate sex

Dora Ratjen was born in 1918 in Bremen in a poor family. As written by Agnes Grunwald-Spier in his book “the Experience of women in the Holocaust: in their own words” (Agnes Grunwald-Spier “Women’s Experiences in the Holocaust: In Their Own Words”), the birth sex of the child the doctors to determine precisely failed, so they advised new parents to raise him as a girl. That’s only when Dora was a little older, she began to understand that it is actually a boy, but because I sincerely didn’t understand why mother and father dress her up in dresses. However, engaging in debate was useless, and for some time, Ratjen resigned to his fate.

after school, Dora got a job at the factory and in parallel started to exercise. Physique girl allowed her fairly quickly achieve success in athletics. As indicated in the publication of “the Anthropology of sport: the bodies, borders, biopolitics” (Niko Besnier, Susan Brownell, Thomas F. Carter, “The Anthropology of Sport: Bodies, Borders, Biopolitics”), in 1936 at the Olympic games held in Nazi Germany, Dora Ratjen was fourth in the high jump among women. Not surprisingly, then, Ratjen beginning to enjoy the favor of Adolf Hitler. The führer often put the Douro as an example, as proof that women of the Aryan race developed far better than all the rest.

the suspicions of colleagues and vigilant conductor

meanwhile, if you believe Alexander Solovyov, author of the publication “Passion for sport”, underbnye the wording of the head of state called the rivals Dora Ratjen only irritation. The fact that other athletes have long suspected that with Ratien something wrong. Dora had a very low voice and even defiantly refused to take showers with other female athletes. It is noteworthy that Dorothy Tyler, the British athlete, already openly stated that Ratjen – man. Moreover, according to Tyler, she found out that the birth Dora was named Herman. It is unknown where the Englishwoman was fortunate to obtain such information, but soon found that her statements were far from the truth.

In 1938, Dora Ratjen participated in the championship in Vienna, where he took first place and set a new world record. However, when Ratjen went from Vienna home, the unexpected happened. According to David Arscott, author of “the Olympics, a very peculiar history” (David Arscott, “The Olympics, A Very Peculiar History”), a train conductor confused view of “men dressed in women’s clothes”, so at the nearest station he turned for help to the police. Douro was taken off the train and checked the documents. Ratjen and would be released back home, if she doesn’t open up. By the time the champion tired of the “female” life, because it always felt like a man.

Life after confessions

Despite Frank’s story, some episodes in the history of the Dora Ratjen still raise more questions than answers. The fact that the doctor who examined the athlete after her confession, confirmed that the genitals of Ratjen was really a male, however, was underdeveloped. Therefore, it is likely that the birth of a future athlete could be attributed to the female sex. Here are just a very of Dora, according to the book “Good sports: why our games are important and as doping undermines them” (Thomas H. Murray, “Good Sport: Why Our Games Matter — and how Doping Undermines Them”), asserted that to impersonate a woman persuaded her tents of the Nazi youth movement, saying that it is so necessary for the Reich.

Trial Dora Ratjen continued until March 1939. In the end, the Prosecutor stated that the fraud on the part of Ratjen did not take place, as the athlete did not pursue any selfish goals. Dora even returned the gold medal. However, to be a woman of Rathen didn’t want to. A few days after the announcement of the Prosecutor and making notes in the relevant documents about real sex she went to the police Bremen with a request for a name change to Henry. Until the end of his days Henry used to run the bar his parents and refused to give an interview. He died in 2008 at the age of 90 years.

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