Why the red army in the assault threw grenades without pulling the pin

History 14/01/20 Why the soldiers in the assault threw grenades without pulling the pin

street fighting Tactics, like every other military science, was given to the red Army’s bitter experience of real battles – and especially in the battle of Stalingrad, when the front line became streets and houses.

Subsequently, the experience of street fighting during the great Patriotic war was systematized and described in dozens of works on military Affairs and even in works of art, such as “Days and nights” by Konstantin Simonov, not by hearsay familiar with the fighting in Stalingrad. This experience was used by our soldiers (and not just ours) and later during the military conflicts in Afghanistan, Chechnya, the middle East.

“to Break into the house together – you and a grenade.”

In 1943, when fresh was still the experience of fighting in the streets of Stalingrad, was born the document “description of the fighting of the assault teams of urban combat experience fighting the 62nd army in the city of Stalingrad.” It was declassified only relatively recently, in 2006, and is of great interest as a guide to the tactics of street fight, born for a specific experience in a specific combat units. Set the optimal composition of the advanced units of the assault group: five or six people, their weapons – machine guns, hand grenades, sapper shovels, and knives, emphasizes that the main principle of the fight – the speed and boldness. Among other instructions “description of the fighting” results in this: “to Break into the house together – you, pomegranate. Both be dressed easily. You without a duffel bag, pomegranate – shirtless”. Fighter recommended constantly “steer” ahead of him a grenade, and the only way to go through the whole storm the house.

Later, was born another rule that is used by special forces soldiers today: the first grenade to throw or roll on the floor with torn linchpin, the second is not pulling checks. Thus it is possible to finishXia that the survivors after the first explosion people (if any), saw a second grenade, reflex throw to the ground, covering his head with his hands. They can be alive, thus saving ammunition.

“the Description of the fighting” gives a very expressive picture of the action of the assault group: “Fighter enters the labyrinth of rooms, floors full of dangers. It doesn’t matter. In each corner is a grenade. Forward. All the machine balances ceilings: a little grenade and again forward. Another room – a grenade. Turn – another grenade. Comb the machine and do not delay”.

In the novel Simonov’s “Days and nights” has a vivid description of the battle of Stalingrad, which clearly resonates with the quoted document: “Saburov dug her hand into the window sill, with the force threw the window heavy anti-tank grenade, and he again fell down on the street. Inside there was a strong explosion… Saburov sat astride the window sill and, in turn, held out his hand to Peter. He also jumped again, held out that hand, and all three of them or four of them strode down inside the house. Saburov, on adopted at the beginning of the war from the Germans habit, just in case, without looking, gave from the belly of a fan of all of the machine. Someone very close cried out in the depths, too, could be heard moaning…”.

“Certainly immediately need to grab the middle or upper floors”

“the Description of the fighting” sistematizirovat experience of a commander yellin, stormed the house of the railroad, Lieutenant Sidelnikov, who took the famous “l-shaped house,” Lieutenant Dragan, who took the train station, and nail plant and the seizure of the famous Pavlov’s house. Based on this experience, the author of the “Description” insists that the soldiers broke into the building, must immediately seize the upper floors in order to sweep the surrounding area and not to allow the enemy to bring up reserves. After the assault group should pin more numerous and heavily armed. The task of the group consolidation – to take the building to create firing points, the communication, and reto go to attack the next building.

a Similar picture describes and Simonov:

“On the conquered territory gradually formed… From Gordienko from a neighboring house already handed the phone. Maslennikov, as reported by messengers, with the rest of the battalion soon had to come here… a stone wall, where indicated Saburov, hastily dug their trenches mortar. The observer, perched high in the attic, under the roof burned, reported the advance of the Germans through the surrounding streets…”.

“Long shoot without changing position – a bad idea”

Subsequently, the experience of the red army, received in the battle of Stalingrad, a very useful and during other military conflicts.

more recently, the Internet appeared “Tips seasoned warrior”, designed for Ukrainian citizens travelling to the Donbass, in the “ATO”. “Seasoned warrior”, passed, apparently, the Afghan war, gives advice on survival in conditions of street fighting, many of them, such a sad paradox, as well on the experience of the red army.

some of these tips:

“Before going to jump on the spot. Make sure you aren’t clanks and not strumming”. All who have read the memoirs of spies in the years of the great Patriotic war, you know, what did those who went to the front line.

“Most deaths and injuries occur from splinters. The conventional jacket is able to protect from small fragments. Hang over still and unloading shops — it is an additional protection of the chest and abdomen. Don’t forget to raise the gate.” The jacket was rescued by red army soldiers in Stalingrad, and the battle for Moscow, and serves faithfully to this day, despite the proliferation of cutting-edge remedies.

“Long shoot without changing position — a bad idea”. These words can be considered a commandment not only snipers, but all who lead a positional battles. The soldiers during street fighting constantly move, knocking the opponent off.

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