ARCHIV - 01.06.2015, Köln: Rinderbeinscheiben liegen in einem Supermarkt hinter Preisschildern in der Auslage der Fleisch-Theke. Die Fleischindustrie in Deutschland hat im vergangenen Jahr weitere Umsätze verloren. Foto: Oliver Berg/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Meat prices in Germany are slipping after meat had previously become more expensive for consumers. The discounter Aldi reduced the price of numerous fresh meat products on Monday. The retailer is thus passing on falling purchase prices to customers, said a company spokesman on behalf of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd in Essen.

The price for 500 grams of mixed minced meat fell from 4.59 euros to 3.99 euros. Bratwurst from pork in the 400 gram pack was reduced from 3.49 to 2.99 euros. The price for a kilo of beef steaks fell from 27.99 euros to 24.99 euros. The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported on the price reduction.

Aldi’s step is also likely to have an impact on large parts of the rest of the trade. After all, many competitors, especially in the entry-level price range, are still orienting themselves towards the inventor of the discount.

The meat industry in Germany lost further sales last year. The larger companies with at least 20 employees still made 40.6 billion euros in sales. That was 8.8 percent less than in 2020 and even 11.2 percent less than in the record year 2019, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office on Monday.

With an increase of 3.0 percent in 2021, consumer prices for meat remained within the general price increase (3.1 percent). In the first five months of this year, however, they rose significantly more and could persuade consumers to give up meat.