Car is a BMW and tried on a daily basis and competitor Mercedes-Benz will market to pick up on Twitter. But the others struck back.

Twitter is one of the many ways in which car advertising on the web? In some cases, are competitors on a daily basis brought down. The BMW will be in the future, however, think twice before Mercedes-Benz is trying to play.

BMW in the Americas to put a picture on Twitter of a Mercedes-benz E-Class, which is for the most part under a cover, it is hidden. That cover is from a BMW M5, and the picture is accompanied by the statement: “Now, there is to dress up as their favorite super-hero’. Underneath that, it said, ‘Happy Halloween’. Laughing, however, and found them in a BMW.

Unfortunately, it was a BMW, the joke is like a boomerang it back. Mercedes-Benz took a photo of a conceptual model of the new BMW 4-Series with the least controversial track on Twitter and wrote below it: “this is a scary costume!’

BMW is, according to many, is not very well-engaged with the world and/or the oddly stylized grilles on cars like the 7 Series and the BMW X7. The reactions on Twitter were unanimous: the BMW in the eyes of many, it is nice blundered with this one Halloweengrap.