tv Tonight is the start of the new fiction series “The Twelve” in a single one. Still waiting for the first episode, the series has already been sold to many countries and this has, no doubt, has to do with the acting performance of Maaike Cafmeyer (46), who, after a series of humorous roles in its dramatic arsenal can be maintained.

after about a minute, there was a broadcast of “The Twelve”, but rarely was it more to do with a new Flemish fiction series. The credentials that the array can provide are quite impressive. In Australia, New Zealand, France, germany, and Spain, the rights have already been sold, and in april won the first series award for Best Screenplay at the Canneseries festival, the Cannes film festival for the series, so to speak.

you can also Read the TRAILER. A new fiction series, ” The Twelve, soon to be in a Single

the main part of The rechtbankreeks is voorMaaike Cafmeyer (46). It plays the principal, Three Palmers, who have been accused of the murder of her daughter, and her best friend. It is up to the twelve members of volksjury to assisenproces to determine whether or not they are guilty. After a long series of comedy roles, and little intervention in panelshows play Cafmeyer once again in a dramatic role. “It is, perhaps, the most intense in the role that I have played,” says the actress. “People know me mainly from their humorous roles, but actually, it really is not really hard to get the feelings and emotions of a broken woman on the screen. I am a mother and just think of the fact that such a thing could happen to you, it is very, very strong. Then it comes to the games themselves.”Although that is, of course, is not to say that it was an easy role. “What is it, in this case especially difficult was that I was behind the trial is actually the whole time it was playing. There was no opponent at all, everything needs to be at this moment in time of who you really are. That’s it, then, to have such emotions, makes it more difficult.”

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