Biathlon. Norway won the women's relay world championship, Russia – eighth

In the Italian village of Antholz relay race took place among women in the framework of the biathlon world Championships. The victory at the end of the race was celebrated sportswomen of the national team of Norway.

Scandinavian women made nine mistakes, ran for four one penalty, but finished second ahead of Germany by 10.7 seconds. Rounded out the top three national team of Ukraine on firing using eight spare rounds without entry to the community.

the Russian Team showed the eighth result. The relay was attended by Ekaterina Yurlova-Berht, Old Irina, Svetlana Mironov and Larisa Kulina. Russian women are 11 times used the extra ammo, once he ran to the circle. The result — + 1 minute 02,6 seconds towards the victorious Norway.