The referees were attacked after the match of Euroleague basketball

Team basketball referees of the match of the Euroleague between the Greek Panathinaikos and the Spanish “Barcelona” led by the Italian Luigi Lamonica was attacked in Athens. The incident occurred after the match.

the identity of the attackers is not installed. The referees were attacked directly in a taxi, which delivered them to the hotel after the meeting ended with the victory of guests with the score 92:81. The attack Lamonica received the greatest damage and was taken to the hospital. As reported TASS, the medical staff gave him the necessary assistance. Later, the Italian was delivered with police escort to the airport.

Lamonica one of the most authoritative basketball referees. During his tenure, he worked five times in the finals of the European championship, once served a match of the world Cup, and I also worked at the basketball tournaments at the Olympic games.