Casinos have discovered the complementary nature of gambling and beer. It is not uncommon to see gambling establishments setting up an on-premise brewhouse. Since most casinos offer free drinks to keep the gamblers playing, having an in-house brewery helps them to cut the cost that they would have otherwise had to pay if they didn’t have in-house production.

Casinos understand that beer drinkers like to gamble. That’s why you are likely to see a brewery near a casino once you come to Michigan. And given the number of glasses of beer casinos offer daily, these establishments don’t need to worry about the product distribution, as all the beer produced by a small in-house brewery is drunk by the players.

Breweries have also caught up with the trend and discovered the benefits of locating their production near such gaming establishments. Let’s take a look at the seven Michigan breweries that are located near casinos, resulting in a win-win situation for every party involved.

Cognition Brewing Company Near The Ojibwa Casino

Cognition Brewing Company is a well-known manufacturer situated in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula area. This seven-barrel brewery is famous for its thoughtfully handcrafted beers that have a quality flavor and appearance. The brewery produces different styles of beers to ensure everyone can pick a type to their liking.

This brewing company is located near a casino called The Ojibwa Casino Marquette. This gambling establishment is based in Harvey, Michigan, some 23.7 miles from the brewery. The place is famous for its new café-style eatery, which is expected to be expanded to include a bar, a lounge area for entertainment, and a seating space for four hundred people.

Barn Brewery Near The Four Winds Casino & Resort

Barn Brewery is located in Lawton, Michigan, where people meet to talk and have a nice time as they enjoy the high-quality craft beer produced by the brand. It is the same place where Old Hat Brewery was located before being closed in 2012. The site offers an excellent pastime, as it has a serene environment and beautiful live music.

Ban Brewery was formed when four friends came together and decided to do a blind test against one of the best breweries in West Michigan. When they couldn’t tell any difference, they agreed that it was time to invest in their own brewery.

The place is situated 64.3 miles from The Four Winds Casino & Resort, which is one of the best casinos in the whole country. This complex is located in New Buffalo Township, Michigan. After tasting the amazing local beer, you can visit this casino or play poker online right from the brewery, as this gambling activity is legal in the state according to local reporter Ann Holmes.

Meals or snacks are not served in the Ban Brewery. However, the place has menus on their tables so that customers could order food from the nearby Jaspare’s Pizza and have it delivered to their seats.

Founders Brewing Near The MotorCity Casino & Hotel

According to Forbes, it is one of the most popular brewing companies in Michigan known for making highly-rated handcrafted beer. Founders Brewing Company is located in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. The brand was established in 1997 and has grown to become among the top twenty largest breweries in the United States.

Founders Brewing Company’s motto is not to brew beer for everyone. They craft all types of beer in small batches, so if you want to try a drink that is pretty unique and available for a limited time, then that’s definitely the place to be.

The brewery is located about 0.4 miles from The MotorCity Casino & Hotel in Detroit, Michigan. So, you don’t have to worry about coping with long distances to the casino after paying a visit here.

Batch Brewing Company Near The MotorCity Casino & Hotel

Batch Brewing Company is another brewery that is located near The MotorCity Casino & Hotel. The brewery is situated 0.8 miles from the casino, and you can find it at Porter Street. The casino, on the other hand, is located at Grand River Avenue.

This brewery has gained its popularity for making some high-quality, tasty beer. It is also a great place to hang out with friends, thanks to the nice outdoor patio and utmost comfort inside. The food served at the brewery tastes much better than most bar snacks.

The Mitten Brewing Company Near The Gun Lake Casino

The Mitten Brewing Company is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The place is 24.46 miles away from The Gun Lake Casino. This unique microbrewery has a vintage baseball-themed design, and you can get yourself some tasty craft beer with pizza here and enjoy the atmosphere.

The brewery was established in November 2012 by two lifelong friends. According to The New York Times, such small breweries usually focus on community involvement and giving back to the people through charitable giving than on real revenue. Perhaps, that’s what makes you come back to the Mitten brewery again and again.

Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria and Brewery Near The MotorCity Casino & Resort

There are many good breweries near The MotorCity Casino & Resort, and the Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria and Brewery is one of the most famous among them. This place is one of the best breweries in Michigan, where you can enjoy a nice atmosphere, as well as different styles of beer with your friends.

The brewery offers high-quality beers and tasty food. The menu has unique positions that you won’t find anywhere. For instance, if you love Korean BBQ pizza and pork pie, then it is the place to taste their best versions.

Zorn Brew Works Near The Blue Chip Casino & Hotel

Zorn Brew Works is a relatively new brewery inspired by the iconic Michigan City microbreweries of the last century. However, this brand produces the finest beers that appeal to today’s preferences. Once there is a new craft beer, it is served along with other types present in the menu.

The brewery is located about 0.3 miles from The Blue Chip Casino & Hotel. Given the proximity, you can enjoy your glass of beer and have plenty of time to go and play your favorite casino game at the casino. Also, be sure to catch some interesting events at the brewery that are held pretty regularly.

Expect More Breweries Near Casinos in The Future

In any business, having a strategic location is key to success. So, we may expect even more breweries opening their bars of even manufacturers near casinos for the benefits of both brands. On the contrary, those brewing companies that are located pretty far from gambling establishments may consider opening microbreweries on the premises of the gaming buildings.