The bastard son of a Polish landowner: why Khrushchev concealed his real origin

Biography 20/02/20 the Bastard son of a Polish landowner: why Khrushchev was hiding its real origin

Nikita Khrushchev was very proud of his peasant origins and the fact that from an early age he worked in the mine and the plant. However, among the top leadership of the Soviet Union there were rumors that Khrushchev actually comes from the class of exploiters and has Polish roots.

In 1938-1939 head of the NKVD Beria conducted a sweep of the party and the security apparatus of the people, who were supported by previously repressed Yezhov. Under “sight” the all-powerful Commissar came, and the top leadership of the Ukrainian Republic, where the first party Secretary was Nikita Khrushchev. Special attention of the NKVD was paid to the biographies of party leaders and their true origin.

As it turned out, the head of the regional Committee of the Dnipropetrovsk region, and the best friend of Khrushchev Zadionchenko was not born in a family of poor Ukrainian farm laborer. His father was a Jew by the name of Zayonchik, who was a wealthy craftsman and an activist of the Jewish socialist party. Second friend of Nikita Khrushchev, the head of the NKVD in Ukraine, the assumption was posing as the son of a Forester, and in fact the father of the Cheka was known for the black hundreds and the merchant Alexander Uspensky.

For the development of Khrushchev’s security officers went to his home in the village of Kalinovka Kursk region. It turned out that his countryman locals call not the son of a poor farmer, and the illegitimate child of a Polish landowner Alexander Geviscope. Mother Nikita had worked as a housekeeper, and the pole from her child did not refuse. In 1914 Gasvitsky bought son from the army and sent Khrushchev a letter in Yuzovka (Donetsk) to his old friend the German industrialist Kirsch.

Khrushchev claimed that he worked as a miner, but the note of Molotov, saying that they have not managed to find the mine where he worked. In fact, the future leader of SSSR worked for Kirsch Manager of the estate and the working class had no relationship.

a Former employee of the KGB of Zenkovich claimed that Stalin knew about the true origin of Khrushchev, who all his life pretended to be “the village idiot”. Of Polish origin Nikita also knew Yezhov and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Malenkov.

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