The situation is heating up! Kadyrov promised to show Emelianenko, how to behave in the ring

the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has posted a video which confirmed again that may soon fight against the Russian fighter of the mixed single combats Alexander Emelyanenko.

“the Situation is heating up! As you know, I’m diligently preparing for the upcoming Boxing fight with Alexander Emelianenko, and as I found out it does the same thing. Today at practice, in the course of Jogging through the streets of Grozny, came across by chance on each other and immediately began to understand, and so that sparks were flying and steaming earth.

Injuries, he has not received, though it was very close to it, but soon we’ll meet in the ring and see who wins. It’s one thing to say when the camera as it likes to make Alexander, and quite another to fight so that the opponent seemed close to exploding bombs. Very soon you will see the fight of the century” – wrote Kadyrov in the description of the video.

Earlier, Kadyrov jokingly challenged Emelianenko Jr., saying that in recent years, the fashion all and Sundry, to challenge Alexander. The Russian fighter of the mixed style agreed to fight in the ring with the head of Chechnya.

“I took him, this very Emelianenko. Alexander. So I have it now… I’ll show him how to behave in the ring. In the phone, would you say it easily? And in fact, I’ll show you when we get out there with you on the ring,” Kadyrov said in the video.

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Publication of ROF im.Akhmad Kadyrov (@za_kadyrova_95eng) 18 Feb 2020 at 4:36 PST

Recall that in December, it was announced that Emelianenko will fight Magomed Ismailov. The duel of two Russian soldiers held in Moscow on 3 April. On account of Alexander’s 28 wins, 7 losses and one draw. Magomed Ismailov has spent in the octagon 18 matches. At 15 he won, 2 lost, and one fight ended in a draw.