As the legitimate wife of the commanders fought with outdoorsy field wives their husbands

History 09/01/20 As the legitimate wife of the commanders fought with outdoorsy field wives their husbands

according to the Lyubov Vinogradova in his book “avenging Angels: female snipers of the great Patriotic war”, the abbreviation LVP which stands for outdoorsy field wife, often perceived as an insult. However, not less LVP suffered even legal, but abandoned the spouses of commanders. Wives of the generals even appealed for help to the government.

the Position of outdoorsy field wives

In fact, the women who fought in the great Patriotic war, had a hard time. As written by Konstantin Somov, in his book “War: fast life”, girls are often subjected to harassment by their male colleagues. That is why many women preferred the role of outdoorsy field wives of the commander. So, the writer Svetlana Aleksievich told me about the orderly Sophia To HIV, which remembered that she moved to the dugout of the battalion commander not because of great love. “Only men around, so it is better to live one than be afraid,” he told author Sophia To HIV.

Simple, ordinary soldiers, who were deprived of the opportunity to acquire a front-line women, often treated with such disdain. Rejected LVP and the company of women. At least so says Vladimir Polyakov, the author of the book “Air scouts are the eyes of the front. Chronicle of a regiment. 1941-1945”. According to Polyakov, between the marching-field pass and husband and wife who survived the evacuation, lies an unbridgeable Gulf. Garrison women’s community never accepted into their circle even former LVP. Moreover, rogue military friend of the leaders of the left, and then when they become their lawful wives.

From LVP to be my wedded wife

it is Noteworthy that the cases of registration of the relations between the commanders and their outdoorsy field wives were not so rare. For example, if you believe Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky. I’ll certainly be back…”, the father of Vladimir Vysotsky left the family after returning from the front, where he got a girlfriend. Later Vysotsky-senior married her, and the future bard even called his stepmother “mother Jack”. That is the breakdown of the family mostly was due to the attitude of LECs from other women who are spouses of the official generals and holders of other titles before the war. Therefore, women were fighting, as they thought, a “rival in love” and “randies”.

During the war, this phenomenon nothing could be done at a distance. But when men return home in the course were any “arguments” up to blackmail. It is known that Leonid Brezhnev after a victory is demanded from his wife for a divorce. According to Eugene Dodolev in his book “the Case of Galina Brezhnev. Diamonds for a Princess”, the Secretary General had intended to sign a military physician Tamara Nikolaevna. However, Victoria Petrovna Brezhnev threatened that if Brezhnev goes, she’ll report it where you want to be expelled from the party, and careers come to an end. Brezhnev had to obey.

Petitions and letters to the government

Many generals ‘ wives, in the same way as Victoria Brezhneva, led not only to feelings but also material interests. And no wonder: after the departure of husbands from families, they had to raise children on their own. If you believe Olga Greig, author of the book “Down with shame! Sexy international and the Country of the Soviets”, in 1947, 60 generals abandoned women, lost its wealth, turned to the government with a petition. Among those who signed this petition were, even the wife of Marshal Ivan Konev, who after the war married a nurse. That’s only on the petition of any reaction has not followed. According to Elizabeth Hagen, the husband of which, General Nicholas Hagen also chose to stay with outdoorsy field wife, in the marriage act and has not changed.

After a few years, namely in 1956, Elizabeth Hagen wrote again to the government. This time she appealed to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Nikolai Bulganin. Hagen wrote about his resentment of the Soviet laws and asked Bulganin on why after the General’s death all of his pension goes to his young wife, the former LVP, not the old wife, who “suffered with him all the difficulties and hardships during the Civil war.” Elizabeth G. offered to transfer 25% of the salary of the captains of their former spouses. And after the death of the infidel and father will his pension be divided equally between the ex-LVP and old wife. But, apparently, to the letter of the response Hagen did not wait.

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