Why German prisoners had requested Soviet citizenship in 1947

History 09/01/20 Why German prisoners had requested Soviet citizenship in 1947

One of the consequences of the Second world war were the children born from German occupation. They were in all the occupied territories, and countries. Among these children are those born of Soviet women by German prisoners of war.

First try to install, and how many German POWs were in the Soviet Union? Officially the Soviet statistics for 1956 tells about 2.39 million In March of 1947 were 988,5 million, according to the note of Vyacheslav Molotov to Stalin. In the TASS report of 15 March of the same year appears the figure 890,5 thousand At the end of 1949, the USSR had 430,7 thousand German prisoners. All of them were released the following year, except those who received a sentence for crimes already in captivity. These repatriated in 1956, after the establishment between the USSR and Germany diplomatic relations.

it is Clear that a number of men, albeit in a strange way and speak another language, could not lead to inter-ethnic relations of children. Researcher Elena Zubkova writes that in the postwar Soviet countryside the ratio of women to men was 2.7 to 1.

Communication has not always been short-lived, but new families were created so frequently that on February 12, 1947 appeared a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, prohibiting marriages between foreigners and Soviet citizens. This led to the fact that the prisoners have to apply for Soviet citizenship. Dozens of episodes, when officially recorded marriages of prisoners with Soviet citizens in the late forties.

And what about the children? There is a bit more complicated. Despite the fact that the birth of a child of a German does not lead to any reprisals neither towards him nor towards his mother, the official statistics on this point. But the researchers say about value from a few thousand to tens of thousands for the whole Soviet Union.

Sergei Drobyazko, exploring collaboration during the Second world war, notes that the Nazi command did not pay attention to the relationship of their own soldiers with women in the conquered countries. In the USSR, for example, the most that was done is the order of 1942, which stated: “Russian women are not worthy of the attention of the German soldier.” The legislation of the Third Reich punished with prison for having sex with non-Aryans in relation to soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, this rule did not work. As a result of the occupation of the Soviet Union were born 50-100 thousand of these children, says a researcher from the U.S. Braumeister, which is not very much, considering that the occupation fell about 80 million Soviet citizens. For comparison, in France, with 40 million population from the Germans, was born 200 thousand, in Norway — 4 million 12 thousand have

Different fate awaited these children and their mothers in Europe and the USSR. In the Netherlands in may 1945 lynching executed about five hundred women. In Norway, sent to correctional labor for about 5,000 citizens, sozialstaatliche with the occupiers. In France, about 26 million women have gone through public humiliation and 18 thousand have different terms. Children usually were removed from families and raised in orphanages, and even in a madhouse.

In the Soviet Union about these incidents is unknown. In the archives was found a note by the Deputy Molotov, I. M. Maisky to Stalin, where he proposed to place such children in orphanages to change their names and bring up in the Soviet spirit. But to any mass action that may lead. Except that there were cases when the mother personally killed the child born of the occupiers, during the liberation of the territory by the red Army.

This topic is outside the public debate and it would prefer to avoid. In particular, Vera Glagoleva, created in 2009, a film “One war” about women who gave birth from the Germans, said in an interview that it was very difficult to find an invoice and information was collected on the smallest detail.

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