As in the Soviet Union were traitors,

History 17/02/20/f Young guardianuk in the Soviet Union were traitors of the “Young guard”

Researchers who have studied the issue.”Young guard” and read the novel say that this story was invented twice: first he came up with the policemen, and then, in his own reworking of the facts, it was invented by writer Alexander Fadeev.
He did not hide the fact that he wrote fiction, but somehow left the real names of some of the young, making their role more meaningful (for example, he made Olega Koshevogo the main character, although nothing special Mishka did not commit. Just in Krasnodon Fadeyev lived at mother of Kosh, which, of course, told the writer about his son), and put it in the shadow of real heroes, and even so fell on them the suspicion of treason. After Fadeev received for his novel the Stalin prize, the book to live its own life, raising some and maiming the lives of others. There is a version that novel led first to depression and then suicide the family.
In the Central archive of the Main Directorate of the FSB is 28 volumes of case No. 20056 is the materials of the investigation on the charge of the executioners, oppresses young. To reach these materials, in the nineties of the journalists left no stone unturned in the history of the “Young guard,” but time puts everything in its place, and now the feat of the guard sounded in a new way.

did what I could

Yes, the organization was not as big, but it was a fact. Teenagers listened to the radio, distributed Sovinformburo were leaflets. Valeria wrestler recalled that on 7 November, the young guard was able to hang out the flags on the mine office and on the roof of the club. Lyuba Shevtsova, Sergey Tyulenin and Victor Lukyanenko burned the labour exchange, where lay the list of youth that the Nazis wanted to take away to slavery. The guys freed the prisoners and stole the cattle from the Germans. That is a lot, considering that they were 16-17 years old and are no one in charge.
Immediately after the liberation of Krasnodon were compiled lists of the dead — there were 52 people. But how many guys actually took part in the struggle? Valeria Boruc said that in August 1942, the Hammer group was six people: Victor Tretiakevich, tyulenin, Shevtsova, Mishka, Ivan Zemnuhov, Ulyana Gromova. There were several such groups, but hardly for six months, the organization was able to grow strongly.

And who betrayed?

the memories Molodogvardeytsev Vasily Levashov, uncovered them by chance in December 1942 year, the boys robbed the truck with gifts for the Germans. Soon, the policemen detained 12-year-old boy with German cigarettes, he said that cigarettes gave him Eugene Moshkov. Raided the apartment Moshkova and found a German product, was immediately arrested colleagues Moshkova club – Tretyakevich and others. At Tosi Mashchenko saw a letter Olga Lyadsky, in which she called the work in Germany, slavery, and arrested her. The girl was frightened of the threats and called the names of acquaintances one after another. In fact there is her confession: “I called persons, who were suspected of guerrilla activities: Kozyrev, Tretyakevich, Nikolaenko… I gave a friend Mashchenko, the wrestler”.
the Policemen were arresting everybody, has a rare opportunity to Excel and expand underground, it grew like a snowball, the arrested were the son of a local mayor George Statsenko, who also wrote the list of unreliable.
the Traitor was Gennady Pocheptsov, he did himself gave many, but in that time they were already detained. He gave the group in the first village, the whole staff and commander of its “five” – Popov.
Themselves the policemen tried to discredit Viktor Tretyakevich — because nobody was given and stoically endured the torture. Obviously, this false trail went and the writer Fadeev, in his traitor Stachowicz villagers learned Tretyakevich, which complicated the life of his family.
he believed that the Germans found out the names from the lists of employees of the club, which was led by Moshkov. He made a list for exchanges, the staff of the club was supposed to “Bron” from the works in Germany.
there was another traitor — Guri Fadeev, who worked for the Germans as a geologist and was an informant. He gave the policemen Ivan zemnukhova and Mishka.
the Fate of these people was sad: Pocheptsova shot, Olga Lyadsky until 1956 were in the camps, and then was released due to a severe form of tuberculosis. She returned home and none of her friends not condemned. Guria Fadeeva was given 25 years in the camps, Jora Statsenko got 15 years, it was reduced to five, and then on the testimony of Vasily Levashov guilt removed.

the Fate of the young

All of the detained gendarmes subjected to horrible torture, from 13 to 15 January, their parties were taken to the mine pits No. 5 bis and executed and the body thrown down. Some were thrown into the mine alive.
Oleg Koshevoi was detained later. During questioning in Rovenki his hair turned white over a few days later he was taken to the forest and shot. Even several years later, the executioners were able to recall the pale young man, who, dying, looked them in the eye.
But there were those who survived. George Arutunyants managed to leave the city, fought with the Nazis, after the war joined the military, worked as a teacher. Valeria wrestler became a translator, Nina and Olga Ivantsova was able to get out, after the war, Nina worked in the regional city Voroshilovgrad, and Olga – in the sphere of trade. Vasily Levashov finished the war as a Lieutenant, he served in the Navy and was promoted to captain 1-St rank. Anatoly suckers managed to cross the front line, joined the ranks of the red army liberated Ukraine., and after the war served as an instructor in air defense units. Michael Shishchenko graduated from the mining College, and worked at the plant donbassantratsit, was a member of the city Council. Olga Saprykina, he served in the railway troops after the war worked as an auditor. Radium Yurkin became a pilot, fought the Japanese, returned to Kiev and worked as a mechanic, along with the other guard tried to remove suspicion from Tretyakevich.
Viktor Tretyakevich rehabilitated in 1959, and posthumously, in 1961, was awarded Ordenom Patriotic war of I degree.

Maya Novik

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