Biography 17/02/20 “Shirt tired to change”: any illness suffered for many years Andrei Mironov

no Wonder many colleagues of Andrei Mironov call him a courageous man. For several years he suffered from a rather nasty illness, but never complained. The actor didn’t even want to about his illness, knew the audience, so on stage he often appeared with a closed neck.

the Beginning and course of the disease

the Disease began to develop in the body of Andrey Mironov after he together with his father, the artist Alexander during a visit in the Estonian city of pärnu. It was then that the actor suffered a severe cold, the consequence of which, apparently, was the disease which he suffered all his life. At least, as argued in one of his interviews choreographer Kirill laskari, brother Mironov. If you believe the publication of “secret family Vysotsky” Boris Kudryavov where the word lascari, Estonia Mironov, Menaker Lascaris and he visited in the 1960-ies. But Fedor Razzakov, author of “people To remember”, writes that the disease appeared to be cool only in the 1980s.

anyway, at some point, the body of Andrey Mironov became covered with boils. According to Fedor Razzakov in another of his books “Nine women of Andrei Mironov”, boils inflamed, suppurated, and burst on the back of the actor under the arms, on the arms, legs, neck and even groin. Furunculosis delivered the first twelve years of terrible suffering, and was accompanied by constant pain. About the disease of Andrei Alexandrovich was known to all his colleagues. As recalled Mikhail Derzhavin during the production of “Revizor” Mironov in the image inspector, according to the idea of the Director, fell to the hands of Bobchinsky and Dobsinska in the performance of the Derzhavin and Alexander Shirvindt. Before each performance, and Derzhavin Shirvindt has agreed with Mironov, on what side he will fall so he wouldn’t be too painful.

a Brave man

Primecuttionary, Mikhail Derzhavin in his memoir, “I’m lucky” was written about the fact that he and Alexander Shirvindt many times tried to persuade Andrei Mironov to abandon mizanstseny with the fall. But he replied that “it’s very impressive,” and no changes are necessary. Mironov in General, on memoirs of contemporaries, was a courageous man and never complained. Artists who have worked with Andrei Alexandrovich, spoke about the fact that he plays several times changed shirts, which was literally soaked with blood. Words friends Mironov gives in his book, “Andrei Mironov” Andrei Shlyakhov. That Mironov “tired to change shirts”, told reporters and Cyril Lascaris.

However, Andrey Mironov did not want viewers to know about his suffering. All the forces and means he was trying to hide her illness from fans. It is therefore often Mironov appeared on stage in turtlenecks with high collars or other clothing, through which it was possible to hide the boils from prying eyes. The actor, of course, tried to be treated. The unpleasant smell of various ointments, which were used by Mironov, he was down with expensive perfume. But these ointments didn’t help, as, however, and blood transfusions, which Andrei Mironov did not once.

Treatment and causes of death

having Lost hope in traditional methods of treatment, Andrei Mironov appealed to the well-known in those years healer Juneau. But she couldn’t help the actor. Then Mironov’s wife Larisa Golubkina took him to the village witch doctor. The old man gave spouses a bottle with a drug. Mironov’s just about the cure was forgotten immediately after his arrival in Moscow. In the end, the “potion” got corrupted, and the artist again appealed to the professional physicians. If you believe Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “Andrei Mironov: Baloven sudby” in 1985 Mironov agreed to lymphadenectomy surgery during which he removed several lymph nodes that were hotbeds of infection. After surgery, Andrei Alexandrovich began to feel a little better.

However, until the end to get rid of boils Andrei Mironov and failed. Some even believed that this disease was the primary cause of death Mironov. But Cyril Lascaris called this version is unlikely. In fact, according to Natalia Pushnova the book “Andrei Mironov: the history of life”, the actor died of a massive brain hemorrhage that occurred as a result of the rupture of the vessel. Most likely, the aneurysm was Mironov innate, but for many years he did not even know. According to Tatiana Egorova, author of “Andrei Mironov and I” in 1978, when it happened the first hemorrhage, Andrei Mironov was on tour in Tashkent. However, he was misdiagnosed – serous meningitis. Razzakov believes that, if not for this mistake, perhaps, in 1987, Mironov would not go away from life.

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