Kapelle-op-den-Bos this Past Monday, it was Leon, Marivoet, along with his wife, who is the victim of a runaway neighbourly dispute at the Well in Kapelle-op-den-Bos. The author, P. G., walked in shortly after, and again allowed to roam free. When several neighbors of the man, the incident once again heal old wounds.

all The inhabitants of the district say that the cases that are P. the causes are thoroughly fed up. Two of those witnesses, including, Dario, is a achterbuur P. G., as He was in his own words all shaky things are with him and his mother-in-law.

See also the Perpetrator, is currently free and after an attack on his neighbours. “My wife and I, we are forced to move out”

“We have heard from a friend that there are stories around, went over to a friend of mine”, says Dario. “The source turned out to be the mother-in-law-to-be. She also told me that a friend of mine is in a foster home was, and not that of the illegal drugs was able to continue, which is not the case at all. Because we have a story to wanted to get with her, so we decided to make her a visit. Upon arrival, she sat on a park bench. When We asked her what the hell was going on, and why do they have such ugly things about a guy rondbazuinde. They did not have the woman’s straight away to threaten-and we had a serious argument.”

Every time we set foot outside,
you threaten us.

Dario, achterbuur P. G.,

However, according to Dario, it was not a bad words. “A moment later and took my friend and I in the direction of the local library. At that time, we saw the P. P. P. in the car. He came over in our direction at high speed, and tried and tried numerous times to clamp to the drive. Out of panic, we began to walk away, so we still have a few things lost along the way. We are in the mother of my friend has joined. And as if that wasn’t enough, it was P.’s mother-in-law complaint against us. She turned her story to the police, is completely at, as if we were being threatened. For that reason, we stepped up to the desk to get our story to do it. In the end, the complaint is dismissed.”

The target to get to go to his own words, ” with a little heart on the outside, “but every time we meet him, we’ll try to get him to ignore it. Anyway, it is close to the main road, there is a risk he (and what is it, and sticks his middle finger up. We understand this is simply not what we have ever done to deserve to have it. You’ll get used to it, but we can still hope that one day it will stop. I have lived here all my life, and I’m not going to be fast-moving.”

Attack of asparagus

Not only is Dario had to deal with the P. P. P.’s indulgence. Patrick, a heart patient, had received a blow in the face. “I have heart trouble and do not wear a pacemaker,” said Patrick. “Myself, driving is not an issue since I got my heart rate under 70, should be aware of. One day, I saw the P. P. P.’s son, the asparagus, which are the property of the two next-door neighbors. I also made him aware that this is not supposed to, and he is on someone else’s stuff off-limits. A little later, P, which, in the company of his wife, he would. He thought it was not acceptable and that I am his son, and the lesson would be of the games, and sold it to me a serious blow in the face. The ambulance came to the spot and gave me first aid. My cheek looked completely blue, and the blood ran from my face. The fact that I am heart patient, am hurt by him not. I have filed a complaint with the police, and later came to know that the man already has 11 official you can have it.”

“some time after I passed, I passed, of his residence,” adds Patrick, and beyond. “He said, ” Next time it will be worse.’