Science-Scientists have identified a few new species have been discovered by the Chinese reuzensalamander, and one of them could claim to be the world’s biggest amphibian in the world. In the field of up to 2 meters long, and that’s a new all-time high.

The researchers published their findings this week in the scientific tijdschriftEcology and Evolution. They analyzed DNA from liver, muscle, and bone of 17 Chinese reuzensalamanders, not only in animals but also in museum exhibits. They came in all the four river basins in the nine Chinese provinces in the netherlands.

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The scientists found that the three different kinds of went down, which is surprising, because until now it was always assumed that there was only one kind of Chinese reuzensalamander it was. The three of them came from southern China, central China and eastern China.

One of the new species in the South China reuzensalamander, or Andrias sligoi – the largest of the three, and up to 2 metres long can be used. And that’s what makes it, according to the scientists, “as it is the largest amphibian in the world.”

all The three species according to the genetic analysis of 3.1 and 2.4 billion years ago, from each other separated are. This period coincides with a period of bergvorming in China, including the origins of the Tibetan Highlands. According to the researchers, would be that a certain number of reuzensalamander been able to and, therefore, the different species came into being.


Chinese reuzensalamander is considered to be an endangered species in the wild, and that the original populations were to be as good as extinct. The Central Chinese reuzensalamander, or Andrias davidianus , which is up to six feet (1.8 m) long, will be in China to be mass-bred to be on farms, in order to be used as food or for medical purposes.