Any women in the red Army, the Germans feared most

History 22/02/20 Any women in the red Army, the Germans feared most

during the great Patriotic war in the battles for the liberation of their country and Europe from Nazi occupation not only distinguished men. A big contribution to the common Victory made a great defender of the Motherland – the girls, along with men who fought in the skies and on the ground. Contrary to stereotypes, the girls were not only nurses or svyazistam. They commanded tanks, sharpshooters, pilots, served as gunners.

“Night witches”

Nadezhda Popova – Deputy commander of squadron 46-guards regiment of female night bombers of the 4th air army of the 2nd Belorussian front.

hero of the Soviet Union Nadezhda Vasilyevna Popova was born December 17, 1921, in the Oryol region. After graduation, she joined the flying club, and then left to learn it on the instructor. Then, having finished the Kherson aviation school of Osoaviakhim (Society of assistance to defense, aviation and chemical construction), I entered the Donetsk military aviation school.

early In the war Hope together with the whole school was evacuated to Uzbekistan. From there Popov wrote reports with a request to send her to the front. On the front it fell in 1942, she worked in the female unit, under the command of Hero of the Soviet Union to Mary Raskova. In the composition of the 588 th night bomber aviation regiment women’s Popova flew on bomber Po-2 exploration and numerous combat tasks in the Rostov region, the Northern Caucasus, the Kuban, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. Masterfully leaving the searchlights and antiaircraft guns girls piloting bombers, the Germans called “night witches”.

Nadezhda Popova made 852 sorties. In 1945 she was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Died Nadine in Moscow in 2013.

Raisa Aronova, senior pilot of the 46th Guardaisogo Taman night bomber aviation regiment of the red banner, another representative of the “Night witches”.

Born in 1920 in Saratov, graduated from high school and studied at the flying club. Enrolling in 1940 at the Moscow aviation Institute, the following year Raisa has joined the ranks of the Soviet army, along the way, docimasy at the military school of pilots of of Engels city.

as part of the 325 th night bomber aviation division Raisa Ermolaevna fought the enemy on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, North Caucasus, Poland and Germany. Just made 941 sorties, for which he was awarded many medals, order of Lenin and the title Hero of the Soviet Union. In 1985, Raisa Aronova died in Moscow.

“Lady Death”

Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko recognized as the most successful female sniper in history. On account of “Lady Death”, as called her, the American journalists, destroyed 309 soldiers and officers of the enemy.

Born in the Ukrainian town of Belaya Tserkov Lyudmila Pavlichenko went to the front in the first days of the war. Finished the sniper course, the girl was in the 25th them. V. I. Chapaeva order of Lenin rifle division of the red army, which defended Odessa and Sevastopol.

Most of the notches on the butt of his sniper rifle Lyudmila put in the first months of the war, 179 of the German and Romanian soldiers died from her aimed fire near Odessa. By mid-1942, there were already 309.

Having been in 1942 wound, Pavlichenko was evacuated from the front, and then was sent to the U.S. with a delegation of Soviet youth, where she met Eleanor Roosevelt.

unfortunately, despite the battle victory at the front, the most famous girl sniper life on the personal front. Her fiance, a Junior Lieutenant Kitsenko, with which she served in a rifle company and went out on combat missions, Lyudmila was carried off the battlefield on his own shoulders. Partner was mortally wounded by enemy mortar fire.

hero of the Soviet Unionbut Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko died in 1974 in Moscow.

the Crew battle

the Only woman who held the position of Deputy commander of a tank battalion, Aleksandra Grigoryevna Samusenko started its service in the red army in 1935.

Born in 1922 in the Belarusian village of Kirov girlfriend went to two wars: the Soviet-Finnish and the Great Patriotic war. Once in 1941 on the front as a foot soldier, Alexander entered and successfully graduated from tank school.

Aleksandra Samusenko fought in the Bryansk, Western and Voronezh fronts. Participated in the battle of Kursk, was promoted to the rank of captain of the guards, composed of the 1st guards tank brigade took part in Losco-Sandomierz operation, during which the troops of Nazi Germany and Hungary were carved from the territories of Ukraine and South-Eastern Poland and lost up to 70 percent of its staff and 8 divisions.

by the Way, in the disposition of the battalion in January 1945 came to escape from captivity Joseph Beyrle – the only American who managed to do some fighting in the Second world war on the side of both the American and Soviet armies. This one fought in the ranks of our parts because she was equipped with tanks “Sherman”.

Alexandra G. did not wait for the end of the war. In March 1945 she died in the Polish village of Cultivars from fatal wounds.

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