Drachev: searches related to accreditation Kasperovich and suspicion Loginova

the head of the Union of biathletes of Russia Vladimir Drachev admitted that the Italian police may suspect a personal trainer Alexander Loginov Alexander Kasperovich supply his ward illegal drugs.

“the Reason is simple – the statement of one of the leaders of the IBU, on inspection in the direction of Alexander Kasperovich and Alexander Loginov, as an athlete, earlier alisauskas doping, — Drachev quoted by RIA Novosti. – They believe that accreditation Kasperovich and doping there is some connection. Maybe him hiding under someone else’s accreditation and brings on world Cup illegal drugs”.

In connection with the situation around searches of the Russian national team, the Russian Embassy in Italy contacted the Italian foreign Ministry and the office of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy and demanded an explanation. This is stated in the statement dippredstavitelstva.

Recall that Saturday morning in the room Loginov Evgeny Garanichev stormed the police conducted searches of personal belongings. In Loginov was seized personal laptop, mobile phone. He continued preparation for Saturday’s relay world championship. However, it is unknown whether he will be able to take part in the race.