While fleeing the police, a suspected drug dealer in Berlin-Moabit jumped into the water and lost around a kilogram of marijuana.

According to the police, a police officer who jumped after the 29-year-old fished a number of drug bags from the Westhafen Canal.

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Firefighters and the water police were also involved in the operation on Sunday evening, a police spokesman said on Monday. The “B.Z.” had previously reported.

The alleged drug dealer was first noticed by civilian investigators who were traveling on the A100 city motorway to check for possible alcohol or drug violations. Such a clear smell of marijuana came from the 29-year-old’s car that the police followed the car and stopped it on the Goerdelerdammbrücke, as the spokesman said.

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The driver stopped briefly, then drove a few meters further, fled the car with his sports bag and jumped from the Ludwig Hoffmann Bridge into the canal. The bag obviously opened – and the drugs swam in the water.

According to the police, the 29-year-old found himself on the shore and was first arrested. Officials fished the marijuana out of the canal. (dpa)