ARCHIV - 19.03.2012, Baden-Württemberg, Sigmaringen: Eine Schülerin unterstreicht das Wort «Abitur» an der Tafel. Ab Samstag (20.06.2020) sind Abschluss- inklusive Abi-Partys ohne Eltern wieder erlaubt. Dies geht aus der neuen Coronaschutz-Verordnung des Landes hervor, die am Freitag veröffentlich wurde. (Zu dpa «Neue Coronaschutz-Verordnung erlaubt ab 20. Juni Abi-Partys») Foto: picture alliance / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The Abitur grades have improved slightly in this final year in Brandenburg, despite renewed restrictions due to the corona pandemic. The average grade in the 9,600 exams is 2.1 – after 2.2 last year and 2.3 in previous years, the Ministry of Education announced on Wednesday for the award of certificates. In mathematics, the results improved slightly on average, in German they got a little worse.

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379 students got an A-Abitur, that was a proportion of 4.16 percent. The proportion of exams passed with a final grade of 1.0 was 3.7 percent last year and between 2.44 and 2.56 percent in previous years. At 94.64, the proportion of passed Abitur exams fell slightly compared to the previous year (95.50 percent).

Education Minister Britta Ernst (SPD) said that the current year had special conditions on the way to high school because of the Corona measures.