A private clinic in the capital is suspected of carrying out illegal abortions

the health Ministry held an unscheduled inspection of a private clinic in the South of Moscow. After a visit there the patient had to be urgently hospitalized in serious condition. The Agency suspected that the clinic is doing an illegal abortion in late pregnancy. What ended the test?

you had the incident. About a girl who had a medical abortion, and she then complications began.

At the sight of the crew, the administrator of a private clinic in Dnipropetrovsk on the street just trying to leave. One of the patients there had a termination of pregnancy using medications. A few days later there were complications and she was urgently hospitalized. But doctors now stubbornly deny the fact of abortion.

“She was explained her health condition and explained that she needed to go to the hospital in the Department of pathology of pregnancy for all our treatments. Everything must be done to save the pregnancy”, — says the doctor-the gynecologist Elena Kareev.

the Patient was at the 18th week of pregnancy. By law, at such a time to interrupt her could only on medical grounds and only in a hospital. However, according to the victim, she was just drugged and sent home.

“The worst complication is death and destruction of the genitals. But is more often secondary infertility — that is, the patient then can’t get pregnant,” — says the chief doctor of the Center of family planning and reproduction Department of health Oleg Latyshevich.

In a private clinic, the patient did not even put on record and not made to medical records. All services at the clinic are paid, and the girls also took an advance payment — 20 thousand rubles. However, for some reason the contract was never signed and subsequently are unable to show the audit Committee any documents.

Who, how and what here treated, now finds out a healthcare. It is not excluded that the strange payment schemes used in the clinic not only for tax evasion, but in order to cover the tracks of illegal operations.

– You took an advance payment of the girl?
– the advance payment was taken.
– why nothing was signed?
– gave Her.
– the Contract was signed?
– she has.
– you?

But after a short meeting there was a new version.

– now I remember: nothing was given because it was a preliminary. And she had us on the second day to come.

These arguments, the Commission Roszdravnadzora not believed and recognized medical facility responsible for the deaths of unborn child.

“the information about what private medical organization conducted abortion in the later term. As a result of this procedure, the patient developed serious complications”, — said the assistant head of the territorial body Roszdravnadzora across Moscow and Moscow region Elena Balandina.

the Medical worker now will be fined 5 thousand rubles, a clinic at 150 thousand. What will be the story the patient is anyone’s guess.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”