The secret center GPU: found out the Nazis in the Soviet Embassy in Paris

History 31/01/20 Secret center GPU: found out the Nazis in the Soviet Embassy in Paris

In 1941, the Nazis broke into the building of the former Embassy of the USSR in Paris, discovered shocking evidence of the activities of the GPU-NKVD. As claimed by the Germans in the secret rooms of the Embassy of the Soviet agents killed his enemies and liquidated their bodies by chemical means.

the Basement of death

Hitler captured Paris in the midst of “Soviet-German friendship”, in connection with which an orally Molotov congratulated the German Ambassador Werner von der Schulenburg. The Soviet Embassy in France was converted into a Consulate, its diplomats continued to work quietly. But after the beginning of the great Patriotic war in July 1941, the Germans subjected the building on the Rue de Grenelle thorough searches. The results they trumpeted to the world. What was found in the Consulate, is fully consistent with the views of the Nazis about the “Bolshevik intrigues.” Joseph Goebbels in his diary called the Soviet Embassy a “den of criminals”.

“From the office of the former Soviet pointcache in France were confiscated rifles, pistols, explosives, cigars with explosives, bombs, boxes of ammunition, and even two parachutes”, – reported in the German media.

According to German reports, in a side wing of the building housed the secret center of the GPU. There were found “instruments for torture and executions” – to them, the Germans apparently took the handcuffs and drilling units. According to another version, the KGB was not the whole building, only the basement, the entrance to which consular officers managed to wall up. Break the wall and once inside, the Germans and the French police saw a dark soundproof room, lined with lead plates. On the metal were visible dents from bullets – traces of executions. Places across a human hair and brown spots.

In 1942, the reyhsministerstvom propaganda “based on” the performed operation released a book called “GPU: attack on the West.” Its author Wolfgang Mund calls the secret room of the Soviet embassies “factories of death, and chambers of horror.”

“Destroyed the bodies of the generals”

the Most terrible finds in the Paris Consulate were fit for destruction of corpses – electric furnaces and containers for chemicals.

“Basement has concealed a large zinc bath, which apparently served to destroy bodies by means of chemical reagents. Nearby lay human bones”, – wrote in his memoirs, head of SD foreign intelligence, Walter Schellenberg.

the report, which was presented to the leadership of the Wehrmacht intelligence chief Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, it was suggested that at the Soviet Consulate “was eliminated body different white Russian generals, who several years ago mysteriously disappeared in Paris.”

Canaris was referring to two high-profile operations of the OGPU. In 1930, in Paris, was kidnapped by the white General Alexander Kutepov, and in 1937 – his associate, General Yevgeny Miller. In fact, the opponents of Bolshevism was not burned in the ovens. Although the time and place of death Kutepov is still classified. The researchers believe that it or died in detention, or died on Board the Soviet ship. Miller’s KGB, brought to Moscow, where after two years after the kidnapping was executed.

Thus, the Germans, having no real evidence, simply borrowed the story from the French tabloids. But “burned by the generals” were not the only weak point of Goebbels’s propaganda. According to the historian Igor Petrov, no torture chambers in the Consulate didn’t exist, and that found the Germans actually had a chemical laboratory, a photo laboratory and the radio workshop required for espionage activities. Furnaces are used for burning documents. This is what Soviet diplomats was doing when it came to the Germans.

memories of “hair” and “bones” Smith, apparently, ignores, in contrast to other domestic andmany foreign professionals who accept the evidence for the truth. For example, the German military historian, Joachim Hoffman believes terrible finds in the Soviet embassies, “a unique phenomenon in the history of diplomacy of civilized States.”

Timur Sagdiyev

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