Yakov Novichenko: Soviet officer who saved the founder of North Korea

History 17/01/20 Yakov Novichenko: Soviet officer who saved the founder of North Korea

second Lieutenant James T. Novichenko, a national hero of North Korea. In Pyongyang he is a monument, a biography of a Soviet officer Korean children learn the lessons of history. On 1 March 1946 Yakov Novichenko saved party activists North Korea and its leader Kim Il sung.

the Grenade at the March demonstration

Yakov Novichenko Tikhonovich was born in Siberia to a peasant family. In 1938 he was drafted into the army and served in the far East. Was a member of the Soviet-Japanese war to liberate Korea from the Japanese troops.On 1 March 1946 Junior Lieutenant Yakov Novichenko guarded in Pyongyang demonstration marking the anniversary of the suppression in Japan of the Korean national movement.

memories of that day left a Soviet General Ivan Chistyakov, who was present at the demonstration. According to him, at 11 o’clock of the next column, passing by the rostrum, the party of Kim Il sung, the local Communists and representatives of the USSR flew grenade. Novichenko noticed her and without hesitation rushed to intercept.

the Officer on the fly grabbed the grenade and fell to the ground, covered my body. Happened dull thump, and the rostrum were covered with smoke, and people scattered. It turned out, even in the winter of 1946 on a mission to kill Kim Il sung and other leaders of the Communist party in Pyongyang acted sent from Seoul a subversive group.


the Chief medical officer Elizabeth Bogdanova, who took the hero to the hospital, left this recollection: “we were absolutely mutilated man with nothing living was left. Severed right arm, multiple injuries to the chest”. The officer was knocked to the eye, and whole body was covered with lacerations. From the guaranteed death of Yakov Tikhonovich saved book “Brusilovsky breakthrough”, which he read to demostrazii and hidden under clothing.

According to the hospital surgeon, the book is in a thick leather-bound took the brunt of the energy blast. Due to this Novichenko and received fatal injuries. Treatment lasted more than two months, and every day, with flowers and fruits, the hospital came the grateful Koreans. Gift officer received a silver cigarette case with inscription of gratitude to Kim Il sung. At the time of their award winning North Korea had not, and only in 1985 Yakov Tikhonovich get from Pyongyang star “of Hero of Labor”. In a hospital bed, the officer learned about assigning him the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Shame instead of rewards

Heal wounds, the officer returned home to the village of Centar, where the family lived, which he 8 years have not seen. In 1985 of the deed of the hero of the film “Second deed”. The Director Eldor Urazbaev recalled that before the shooting he met with Yakov Novichenko, who said that initially the villagers believed in its history and awarding him the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. However, the reward never came.

Neighbors began to openly mock Yakov Tikhonovich, accusing him of fraud and embellishment. With him not wanted to say Hello and stopped to invite guests. During the discussion of candidates for the post of Chairman of the kolkhoz someone suggested Novichenko, the Secretary of the district Committee said: “the Person who once deceived, can not be trusted”. Angered by Yakov Tikhonovich wrote a request to Moscow. In the fall of 1951, the draft Board came the reward, but not the Star of the Hero, and the order of the red banner.

in the Spring of 1984, Kim Il sung in an armored train in Novosibirsk went on a visit to Moscow and decided to see my Savior. KGB officers came to the village and brought Novichenko to meet North Korean leader. After this Kim Il sung and the veteran became friends, and the family Novichenko several times a year visited North Korea. In the winter of 1994 Yakov Tikhonovich died, but his family today often travels to the country where their grandfather accomplished the feat.

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