Than people in Germany were surprised,

History 17/01/20 Than people in Germany were surprised, “Russian Germans” who came from the USSR

According to the interior Ministry of Germany over the last 25 years in Germany from the USSR for permanent residence moved more than 2 million immigrants-Germans. Official data indicate that in the countries of the former Soviet Union the number of ethnic Germans from the beginning of 90-ies has decreased four-fold to 500 thousand people.

they Brought their habits

he recalled How pastor Victor Lichtenberg, who moved to Germany from Soviet Kazakhstan, German settlers were impressed with the indigenous people that do not want to abandon the usual Soviet way of life. For example, celebrations and holidays were often celebrated, as in the Soviet Union – with a large amount of alcohol, under the loud rollicking songs.

Lichtenberg said that neighbors were shocked and outraged by this manner of walking, and often until late at night. The indigenous people, the dish your opdnung (the order), was quiet at the appointed time, the law and more quiet. According to Lichtenberg, the protesting was only two options to resolve the conflict: either they joined the company “Russian Germans” and started to walk along with them or getting in the face and retreated to their apartments away from sin.

the Process of socialization of immigrants proved difficult. Despite the existence of a special state program for adaptation of immigrants the Germans in Germany, many of them were never able to properly learn the language, find a good job with a degree.

the same as the rest

the Main frustration for indigenous Germans, according to German journalist Knut Crown, was that immigrants from the USSR although were ethnic Germans, the mentality is not different from other immigrants from the Soviet Union. It was expected that they quickly assimiliate, will be “their”, but that didn’t happen.

Immigrants-the Germans were alien to the Western way of life they did not seek to learn the language of the new country. Moreover, by analogy with the new York city German cities began to appear in their districts, populated mostly moved from the USSR by the Germans, where were the cafes, restaurants and other establishments with Soviet names, the settlers deliberately showed their identity in defiance of the German order. Native Germans wondered why the settlers, who arrived to their homeland, stubbornly refuse to assimilate.

According to Alexander Kuhn, who came to Germany from Kazakhstan, it makes no sense: in Germany there are Russian Newspapers, the Internet, its services, schools of medicine, Commerce, the tourism industry – learn German for this reason many immigrants don’t want to. In addition, the business elite of the “Russian Germans” is not interested in this kind of socialization is caused primarily by commercial interests.

the Criminalization of immigrants

the Frustration of immigrants-Germans, due to lack of work, lack of language skills, according to the Carrot Crown, contributed to the criminalization of a considerable part of immigrants. Among them there are many pickpockets operating, for example, in places of mass resettlement of Russian-speaking community in Stuttgart, the settlers sold drugs. Pastor Lichtenberg described how “Russian Germans” fought with the local neo-Nazis and Satanists gathered in gangs and beat everyone who was dressed in black.

According to official statistics, the crime rate among the German immigrants in two times higher than among the indigenous population is due to the fact that of the Soviet visitors often absolutely do not want to obey the laws of Germany because of the conflict behavior patterns. Indigenous Germans are often out-of-towners was a little afraid of and try to stay away from them.

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