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in the Fall of 1990 readers of the Soviet press was struck by an article entitled “Katya Mayorova – miss KGB.” Even in the era of glasnost employees of the state security Committee were rarely the heroes of newspaper publications. And in such a “frivolous” context, the main security Agency of the Soviet Union was never mentioned.

Beauty on the background of Dzerzhinsky

In the late eighties the perestroika of Soviet society seemed to have rediscovered feminine attractiveness. The country was swept by a wave of the beauty contest “Moscow beauty”, “Miss USSR” and their regional clones. But even on this background the news about awarding of the title “Miss KGB” seemed sensational. Too closed structure was an organ of state security and too sinister rumors circulated around the beauties of chekistam. Attractive agentes the heads of the KGB was called the “swallows” — they trudged networks around foreign diplomats and other valuable sources of information. The strategy of the so-called “honey trap” was to discredit a person by intimate contact with the “swallow”, and then blackmail or persuasion to compel him to cooperate.

it is Unknown, did the winner of the contest “Miss KGB” to Ekaterina Maiorova to participate in such operations. However, the external data of 21-year-old girl was really excellent. The photographs preserved in the archives of ITAR-TASS, appears a pretty green-eyed brunette with popular at that time, voluminous hair and put on your cheeks with blush. On one of the frames smiling Majorova posing on the background of a portrait of the founder of the Cheka, Felix Dzerzhinsky. The other picture was made at the workplace Maiorova it’s the one she’s holding the phone. Not forgotten “PR” KGB show girl and in the conditions approached to fighting – while shooting in tIra and the classroom in the section of unarmed combat.

“I Love bananas, and James bond”

not surprisingly, Ekaterina Maiorova interested in who was in Moscow for foreign journalists, who had hoped to find out from “Miss KGB” anything about the “inner workings” of the Soviet intelligence services. One of the interview, the girl told The Washington Post David Remnick.

“there stood Katya Majorova – beauty in sweater, Angora wool and tight Italian jeans. In the presence of a KGB officer, met the “in connection with the press,” Katya answered my questions – or, one might say, did not answer. According to her, a beauty contest was held closed was a mystery even number of contestants. It is clear that there is no competition at all. I decided that it went without saying of course and required no explanation. But Katya made for man, “trained to kill” and took place in one of the worst organizations in the world, was charming” — later recalled the journalist. About yourself Mayorova told the press that she loves the movie gone with the wind, she enjoys knitting, eating prefers bananas, and her favorite man is James bond.

the Creation of such unusual information about explained simply. Against the background of publications on the ugly role of the security services, the successor of the Cheka, the reputation of the KGB in Soviet society has suffered greatly. The Chairman of the KGB Vladimir Kryuchkov, who headed the Department in 1988, sought to convince the world that its structure was “rebuilt” and became a kind of “Ministry of love”. He gave numerous press conferences and even organized tours to the Lubyanka. The election of “Miss KGB”, as did David Remnick, was another way of self-promotion for the Soviet secret service, going through hard times. Further information on the life of Catherine Maiorova and her career in the public domain.

In the 1990-ies – 2000-ies of the FSB of Russia practically does not advertise information about any internal beauty pageants, although many law enforcement agencies such tIate traditionally held on 8 March, including at the regional level. However, there are exceptions. For example, in 2017, the Kuban, the media reported on the competition of beauty employees of Boundary management of FSB which was attended by 10 girls.

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