Why German women would not let go to fight on the front

History 17/01/20 Why the German women were not let to fight on the front

For the Soviet Union, for its people, world war II was a war for survival. On our land came strong and dangerous enemy, therefore, was against him all the population. Fought not only men and women but also children who participated in the partisan movement, were the messengers and scouts.
Days of the Nazis, the war with the Soviet Union was a kind of a new “crusade”, the expansion space to the East, production of new land. So the war was mostly men, and women stayed home to raise children.

Kinder, Küche, Kirche

But this is only one side of the coin. The second side was the emancipation of women in the Soviet Union. In the post-revolutionary years, Soviet woman was declared free of the shackles of the family – her energy now had to be directed to the building of communism, to work for the good of the country. From now on it was perceived as an equal member of society. On a par with men she was supposed to get an education, have a good specialty to undergo a physical examination and to pass the GTO norms (“Ready for labor and defense”).
German new society remained Patriarchal. While pure-blooded Aryan man had fought in the “barbaric” East, Aryan was obliged to comply with a kind of Nazi party discipline for women: “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (children, kitchen, Church). She had to give birth to new soldiers for the great German, nurture and feed. At the forefront of her was not. A woman in uniform was seen as something perverted, unworthy ideas of the Fuhrer.

But the reality is so cruel…

of Course, during the war with the Germans the Soviet Union had to adjust its policy towards women. In 1942 the Germans were stationed in the rear of the secretaries and telephone operators.
the German military historian Hans Rumpf indicates that in 1944 women aged 18 to 40 years replaced the retired to the Eastern front fighters. They served in air defense, the fire brigade, were observers of posts VNOS (air surveillance, warning and communication). All military personnel were women from two hundred thousand to half a million people.
in addition, women served by svyazistam in the Luftwaffe, was part of the troops of the Volkssturm and the Hitler youth, where they were taught to handle weapons and even shoot a Panzerfaust.
Author Walter Kumpf indicates that about 80 000 German women and girls were used as labor in labor camps, in military industries, the military administration and transport. From labor camps girls units were transferred to the signaller and aviation detachments, and before the defeat in searchlight the air defense batteries.
Many of them were not ready for such a service. According to the memoirs of the commander of the battery of anti-aircraft guns Havelis of Heinzerling, her subordinates are a very afraid of air raids. When one day after a RAID on the battery, killing three and wounding 17 women, others cried and said I didn’t want to fight, they refused to leave the shelter and did not go to the guns. Commanders had to solve the problem by force – shooting coward.
Others just didn’t want to kill people. One of the anti-aircraft gunner Elizabeth Zimmerer later in the memoirs wrote that when I first caught sight of the plane, and couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger.
According to archives in the 24th Austrian anti-aircraft division in 1943, when there was declared a total mobilization, from 16 200 2 000 fighters were female clerks, 800 women served in the local air defense, 600 – served at the headquarters clerks and signalmen.
However, I was in Germany and the special troops of the SS, who eagerly recruited women was the protection of the concentration camps and prisons where German women served as matrons, guards and even superiors.
for Example, 3500 Germans became famous for their brutality in a women’s concentration camp ravensbrück, others were overseers in the women’s barracks of Auschwitz and other death camps. StillR a byword remains the supervisor of the Ravensbrück twenty years of the Irma Dream, which was forged boots to trample on women prisoners, and a whip to beat. She personally sent them to, and after the war was convicted and hanged.

the front fell units

Soviet spy Igor Beskin in the memoirs pointed out that sometimes in Germany met women serving in the field gendarmerie and even the Abwehr. He pointed out that it was a person with a perfectly clean personal data.
Differ special zeal still got to the front. For example, the Soviet tank girl Nina Ilinichna Shiryaev (Cooper), which ended the war in Germany as a tank commander T-34, recalled in an interview that in the column of German prisoners met the German driver of the tank “Panther”, which even in captivity was set up very aggressively.
it is Known that in 1942 in Abkhazia in the village Gentsvishi officer named Parshin was in the garden of one of the locals shot the German sniper. After this shot the Soviet soldiers found and took her captive.
But such cases were few.

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