B-37: why are the Germans so afraid of gunfire the Soviet

Weapons 17/01/20 B-37: why are the Germans so afraid of gunfire the Soviet “Tsar cannon”

This superomedia released during the Great Patriotic war, according to various estimates, from 81 to 185 armor-piercing and high-explosive shells, each weighing more than a ton. B-37 could beat 45.6 km away.

For what it was intended

Military historian Alexey Vasiliev wrote that B-37 was assumed to be installed on battleships of the type “Soviet Union”. But with the beginning of the great Patriotic war the construction of these battleships was discontinued and the work of his creation turned.

it is Known that only one experienced a weapon from the existing five participated in the great Patriotic war in the battles near Leningrad. B-37 was established on the research of marine artillery range, located in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region. Just at the site were 14 guns, and B-37 among them were the most powerful.

As the cannon proved themselves in battle,

wrote in 1982, “Leningradskaya Pravda”, the first B-37 opened fire on the Germans in August 1941, when the Germans attacked the farm “Krasny Bor”. The gaps 1108-pound shells, according to the testimony of prisoners of the Nazis, turned over tanks. Moving towards Leningrad tank column was stopped and turned back. The unprecedented power of these charges caused panic in the ranks of the enemy, B-37 could fire both explosive and armor-piercing projectiles.

a Few months B-37 was not able to fire because of the lack of ammunition and artillery men even dug up buried in the ground and unexploded during pre-war testing of the gun shells. In the end, the issue of the shells 406-mm caliber was resumed in the besieged Leningrad.

According to the memoirs of the participant of defence of Leningrad Nikolai Kislitsin, even the sound of breaks could understand that the fire is B-37. German bombers tried in vain tfind out where this formidable weapon, but to scout out her location, they have not succeeded because of a good disguise supergun.

the Historian Vladimir Krasnov in the book about military shipbuilding on the eve of the great Patriotic war, wrote that the most effective B-37 operated during the offensive operation “Iskra” the liberation of Leningrad from the blockade. Fire of this weapon was destroyed Dubrovskaya power plant, captured by the Germans. The gun was also fired at workers camps village Nevdubstroy, transformed by the Germans into powerful strongholds. During the operation “spark” B-37 fired at the enemy projectile 33. In particular, her fire in January 1944 was destroyed a strategically important mountain-fortified 112.0 (goal 23) to the North of the town of Pushkin.

Commander of the Baltic fleet, Admiral Vladimir Tributs, talking about the shelling of goal 23, emphasized that this “malicious “hard”” so hard in the offensive operation “Iskra”, and “split” it managed, with the help of fire B-37. Cannon shells had hit the concrete KP, destroyed bunkers and ammunition depots.

the Last combat shooting B-37 held in the Vyborg operation. On examination, the affected 406-millimeter weapon in the area W/station Beloostrov goals established that the fire had destroyed machine-gun nests, roads (craters from explosions-ton shells had a depth of several meters), the Germans threw survivors of the attack, two 76-millimeter cannons, and in another place the whole anti-aircraft and anti-tank battery.

the Most popular version is that during the war B-37 released 81 high-explosive and armor-piercing shell. However, the candidate of historical Sciences, head of the scientific exposition of the Central naval Museum Valery Lukin gives other information about 185 shots, mostly high-explosive.

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