Kohl Magotan: why do they call it

Heroes 17/01/20 Kohl Magotan: why do they call it “Pavlik No. 2”

the name of the Koli Myagotina today is not too well known. However, it long time was considered a “pioneer-hero No. 2”, as well as Pavlik was a symbol of the struggle against the kulaks. In his homeland, in the Kurgan region, stake a monument in his name called the streets and houses of culture, in the native village opened a house Museum.

What did Kohl Magotan why he put on a par with Pavlik Morozov? And why so ambiguous attitude of society to this kid now, decades after his death?

Life and death of Koli Myagotina: the version of “Soviet”

Nikolai Maguin was born in a poor peasant family in 1918, in the village of kolesnikovo Kurgan region. Early lost his father, who had died from cholera. Mothers who had younger children, was forced to give Kohl eldest child in an orphanage, where he learned to read and write and became a pioneer. When Cole was 11 years old, he returned home to his mother, he began to work in the kolkhoz VIII Richiesta, he continued his studies in school, was active in the local pioneer organization.

He saw that his fists strongly interfere with the farm to develop, spoil the collective property and steal the grain. He repeatedly wrote about this in the local newspaper, and one day wrote a statement (in the post started to say “denunciation”) to the village Council.

And then the fists decided to deal with the boy. The culprits are called fist of Votea Sychev and brothers Borusevych. Vahrusheva persuaded his younger brother Petya to lure Kohl on the field of sunflowers. There Nicholas Myagotina was waiting for the eldest of Borusevych, Ivan. He shot the boy, but did not kill him immediately. And when he ran Petka said that nick is still alive, went on the field himself FOTA, who did the rest. It happened in 1932, Cole was 14 years old.

the court in the case of Koli Myagotina sentenced five people to death, six to 10 years in prison freedom. The article was serious – “terrorism” (58-8).

the version of the “post-Soviet”

In the late 80’s-early 90-ies, when the country was fashionable to “subvert” and “expose”, along with the real criminals, the perpetrators of mass repressions, and went to the children, including Pavlik Morozov and Kolya Negotino. If Pavlik denounced because he “knocked” on his own father, that Kohl was accused that he was neither a pioneer nor a hero, but hardly a bully.

In many ways, this “deposition” of the image of the young wrestler with the kulaks occurred as a result of the activities of the “memorial” society, which is actively engaged in the rehabilitation of the innocent victims in the years of Soviet power.

However, the statement that Kohl’s was not a pioneer, challenges Tatiana Seblova –the Director of the Museum Koli Myagotina. Arriving in the beginning of 2000-ies in Kolesnikovo, and found the loss of interest in the Museum and the identity of the pioneer-hero, she went in search of evidence about his life, to get acquainted with the local Newspapers for 1932, worked in the archives, talking with old people. Seblova argues that Kohl was a pioneer and very active.

Regarding the heroism Koli, Director of the Museum also convinced that nick was actually trying to fight the looting of collective property. Tatiana Seblova found the old-timers who told me, nick really told his mother that he threatened to take Vahrusheva for what he wrote in the newspaper about the theft. This was in the village knew everything.

Prosecutor Boris Sakharov, in the late 90-ies engaged in the retrial of the murder of Nicholas Myagotina, believes that no political overtones in this story was not. Nick, as an ordinary country boy, went with a buddy on the field to steal the sunflowers, and a drunken guard shot a kid. And then he was simply seek to “cover their tracks”.

Without ideological husk

it is Clear now that all members of this long history is dead, to know the truth is impossible. Was Kohl Magotan killed “kulaks and kulak agents” or theabout the death was a tragic accident – this we know.

it is Obvious that the Soviet regime made Pavlik Morozov and Kohl Myagotina heroes of the struggle against the kulaks is not accidental. They were of the generation of those boys and girls of late 20’s-early 30-ies, who sincerely believed in the bright future under socialism and inevitably became the first victims of the collision of old and new.

And also not accidentally Pavlik and Kolya become victims of a political “showdown” in the early 90-ies. Fighters with “Stalinism” has not spared children, declaring one a “Snitch”, and the other – a common thief and a bully. This is another example of the fact that the main victims of the conflicts of adults always children.

In 1999 for the murder of Nicholas Myagotina was rehabilitated all but two of the direct perpetrators of the crime, which replaced article on the criminal “murder with aggravating circumstances” (136 “g” and “b”).

Olga Melnikova

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