What Stalin put lover 16-year-old Svetlana Alliluyeva

History 23/01/20 what Stalin put lover 16-year-old Svetlana Alliluyeva

In the midst of war, the famous Soviet writer Alexey Kapler struck up a romance with the daughter of Stalin — 16-year-old schoolgirl Svetlana, who was 23 years younger than him. About this relationship, which cost a grown man almost 10 years of freedom, Svetlana wrote in his memoirs.

the Daughter of a chieftain of the peoples Svetlana Alliluyeva wrote that in the autumn of 1942 in the midst of the battle of Stalingrad dacha outside Moscow in Gubalowka became a place of drunken revelry: “To Vasily (Stalin’s son) came guests: athletes, actors, his fellow pilots, and I always got a heavy drinking, blaring radiogram. Was fun, as if there were no war.” At the same time, the “crowd” appears screenwriter Alexei Kapler, a Jew and the son of a wealthy Kiev businessman, and at that time a war correspondent, returned from the Belarusian partisan detachment.

the Party leadership decided to make a film about combat pilots. A consultant was made by Vasily Stalin, and shooting pictures decided to bring Kapler, who became his friend. On one of the private parties of 16-year-old daughter of Stalin, met 38-year-old reporter and the two of them have feelings. Svetlana wrote: “We were drawn to each other uncontrollably… Lucy came to my school and stood in the entrance of the neighboring house, watching me. And I have a joyful heart ached, as I knew he was there… We went to cold military Tretyakov gallery watching the exhibition about the war…”.

Stalin, like all of Moscow’s elite, know about the adventures of Svetlana, but radical action is taken. Colonel Rumyantsev by order of the chief of the guard leader, General Vlasik, suggested the Coupler to leave the capital on a business trip. In December of 1942 in the newspaper “Pravda” published an article “a Letter to Lieutenant L. from Stalingrad”. In it the reporter describes his beloved girle events at the front, recalls their meetings and walk around Moscow. The text ends with the words: “Now in Moscow, probably, it is snowing. From your window is visible to the jagged wall of the Kremlin.” All at once I realized who wrote Stalingrad correspondent.

At such audacity, the Secretary could not answer. In his memoirs, Svetlana Alliluyeva wrote that his father was out of breath from anger, he kept all her letters and said that Kapler was arrested as a British spy. Taking the paper, Stalin began to read them, and then said, “don’t really know how to write in Russian. I do not own Russian search”. March 3, 1943 Alexei Kapler was arrested, but the indictment in case No. 6863 is not a word about Svetlana, Vasily or the other members of Stalin’s family.

Reporter was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda during a meeting with foreign journalists and filmmakers. Kapler denied everything and said that he, as a passionate man would bluntly speak about the development of the Soviet Union, but never spread defeatism and certainly not engaged in anti-Soviet activities. After the special meeting of the accusatory group of the Coupler given 5 years of correctional labor camps in Vorkuta, where he became a full-time photographer.

From the camp, Alexei Kapler was released in 1948 and although he was forbidden, went to Moscow. In the capital he tried to meet with Svetlana, which by that time was married and had a son, but was re-arrested. For violation of the ban to visit the capital of the Coupler again given 5 years with service of sentence in a camp for political prisoners.

After Stalin’s death he was released and was completely rehabilitated. On the outside correspondent and the writer was engaged in literature and married a poetess Yulia Drunina. Former beloved was found in 1954, during the next Congress of the Union of writers. According to eyewitnesses, the Kremlin hall was full of people, but Svetlana and Alex saw each other, although he pretended to not know. Only alone at the window, they had a long talk about the past.

In 1960-x Kapler was on the TV program “Kinopanorama” in 1979, he died. Svetlana Alliluyeva in 1962, together with the civil husband Brajesh Singh went to India, where he asked for political asylum. Later moved to the United States. Died in America in 2011, having had to write a memoir.

What became of the student who raised his hand against Stalin

But Kepler got off easy. Stalin was very vindictive. In 1927, a future leader at the parade was attacked with fists cadet who, on the contrary, had to protect party officials. To know that in the end made him Stalin, you can in our video.

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