Usov, and Komar Krichevsky: the punishment received by the military, through whose fault during the coup people were killed

History 23/01/20 Usov, and Komar Krichevsky: the punishment received by the military, through whose fault during the coup people were killed

Vladimir Usov, Ilya Krichevsky, Dmitry Komar died 21 August 1991 during the collision of the civilian population with the military. All three were posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. But against the crew of the BMP-536 opened a criminal case.

patrolling the streets

During the August events, the head of the emergency Committee, Gennady Yanayev declared a state of emergency. In turn, General Nikolai Kalinin, appointed defense Minister of the country Vladimir asulym commandant of Moscow, declared a curfew on capital. At least so claimed Yazov in the book “Marshal of the Soviet Union”, edited by O. Selin. August 20, 1991, in 23 hours Moscow streets, went to patrol the 760 soldiers of the Taman division, who was 76 armored vehicles.

Left to patrol the city and BMP-536. To the crew, according to Nicholas Zenkovich, author of “the Agony of the USSR”, was Sergeant Y. Semanage, mechanic M. Bulychev, gunner S. Nurbayev, and Sergeant P. Vakhrushev soldier K. and Baimuratov. In the tunnel near the Garden ring, the car was met by a group of citizens. According to the documents given by Zenkovich, people following the example of the employee of one of the local publications by the name Golovko began to jump on the BMP, to close canvas awnings observation slit and thereby deprive members of the crew review.

the Death of Heroes

If you believe Valentin Kolesov, author of the book “Gorbachev and others,” a resident of Moscow Dmitry Komar was also in the ranks of those who blocked the path of military equipment. At some point, the Komar with a crowbar in his hands, too, jumped on the BMP, but the mechanic so pulled the car that Dimitri fell on the pavement, caught clothes behind the open hatch. In the fall the young man hit his head, received a traumatic brain injury, towhich led to the death. To help Dmitry rushed Vladimir Usov. While Baimuratov made several warning shots, and they released one of the bullets ricocheted, hit the Usova.

Seeing what has happened, people have started to throw in the BMP bottles with an incendiary mix. The military decided to leave the car and by performing warning shots, move to another BMP. Ilya Krichevsky had to throw in the direction of the soldiers to stone, but was struck by a bullet. As stated in the book “Hooks. KGB on the eve of the putsch” (authors – members of the putsch, Valentin Varennikov, Gennady Yanayev, Valentin Pavlov), Krichevsky was shot in the head. It is noteworthy that the gunman install failed: the bullets in the corpse Ilya is not found, as she passed through.

the Outcome of a criminal case

All three: Dmitry Komar, and Vladimir Usov and Ilya Krichevsky, was promoted to the rank of hero of the Soviet Union. But against the members of the crew of the BMP-536 was prosecuted. The investigation lasted about four months. During the investigation, was questioned by the participants of the tragedy, viewed the video recording of the events identified damage on military equipment, and was examined by the military personnel for the purpose of obtaining their wounds. According to Oleg Smyslov, author of “Mysteries of the Soviet awards. 1918-1991 years,” in particular, the mechanics of the BMP crew was burnt both hands. However, burns mechanics and injury of his colleagues was related to the slight injuries.

as a result investigators, according to Vladimir Kuchin, the author of the book “world wave history from 1991 to 2014” instituted first criminal case against the military was terminated as of corpus delicti in their actions, experts found. The use of weapons by military personnel has been recognized due to the fact that they have been attacked by citizens. In other words, I am convinced Kuching, even if the soldiers were shooting to kill, their actions would still be given the status of legitimate.

Yulia Popova

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