What did the Romanians with the body Kotovsky during the occupation

History 14/01/20 What did the Romanians with the body Kotovsky during the occupation

In 2016, the Ukrainian authorities Podolsk (formerly Kotovsk, and 1935 – Birzula) decided to close the mausoleum of Gregory Kotovsky, a famous robber of the late Russian Empire and a successful cavalry commander in the early Soviet period. A few days before that, the tomb of the “red General” looted unknown. Some criminals have kidnapped the sword and the order of Kotovsky and damaged his skeleton. Given the adoption of the Ukraine law on de-communization, the authorities decided not to restore the mausoleum. The remains were interred in the town cemetery.

the path of Lenin

6 Aug 1925 Kotovsky was shot dead at his dacha near Odessa under mysterious circumstances. His killer is the landlord of a brothel Meyer Sider named mayorchik. The legendary corps commander was “lucky” to die in the era of serious involvement of Soviet scientists method of embalming. Wanting to expand his experience in this area, they continued the experiments started after the death of Vladimir Lenin and Kotovskogo turned into a mummy. Then he was put in the mausoleum – not for nothing that Joseph Stalin called the deceased a faithful soldier of the Leninist party.

the Ceremony, which was organized in Odessa, on the scope a little in what conceded to a similar process in Moscow, when Lenin died. Of the capital meanwhile was in a hurry Balzaminov group headed by Professor Vladimir Vorobiev. In Birzula, the then capital of the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic, was built the mausoleum in the style of the mausoleum of the surgeon Nikolay Pirogov in Vinnitsa. The glass sarcophagus set at a shallow depth. Next to him on special pillows exposed for all to see Kotovsky awards – three orders of the red banner. On a separate pedestal hoisted inlaid cavalry sword.

the Germans did not touch the grave of Leo Tolstoy

As a mausoleum on Itrasnoi square, berzonsky was open to all comers. Public holidays in the adjacent square held parades and demonstrations, took to the pioneers. However, as stated in the book of Victor Savchenko “Kotovskij”, in the late 1920-ies, according to local Newspapers, grave of the corps commander was already in a deplorable state. However, in 1934, when Kotovsky was kanonizirovali Stalinist propaganda, over an underground room was constructed of fundamental building-monument with a small platform for the party leaders and bas-relief compositions depicting the heroic events of the Civil war.

Quite a common assertion that the Germans during the 47-day occupation of Yasnaya Polyana opened the grave of Leo Tolstoy, mocked his remains and then threw them into a ditch. The current Museum staff are convinced Tolstoy that is a myth. In reality, the only invaders were buried around the graves of their dead writer, peace Tolstoy, however, is not violated. After the liberation of the area 83 of the body of soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht dug up and reburied in Tula.

the Romanians blew up the mausoleum

unlike the Germans who came in Kotovsk 6 August 1941 the Romanians with the burial of the Soviet commander to not stand steel. In the confusion of the evacuation, the local authorities did not take the embalmed body, and the occupiers made him the object of mockery.

As noted in the book of Oleg K. Tikhomirov “Kotovsky. Robin hood of the revolution”, the Soviet troops left Kotovsk, not making a single shot. “The retreat in the night from 5th to 6th August, were set ablaze enterprise, oil depot, coal depot. From the first days the occupiers have added misery to the residents of the city and district – perpetrated violence. In the first place were repressed workers of the Soviet and party organs, which were shot on the spot”, – told in the material Svetlana Fedorova, which is contained in the specified workbook.

apparently, the late Kotovsky Romanians are also considered to be senior leaders Councilray regime. Exactly 16 years after his death, to the day, the mausoleum was subjected to barbaric destruction. It is mined and blown up, but before Romanian soldiers smashed the sarcophagus and abused body, she dumped the remains of the corps commander in a freshly dug trench, already full of corpses of executed local residents. Needless to say that the sword and the order of the tomb had disappeared.

Bones were collected in a bag and doused with alcohol

Only a few days when most of the Romanians left Kotovsk and went on the offensive, railroad workers from the nearby depot, dug the trench and buried the shot. The remains of Kotovsk identified the head of the workshop Ivan Skorubskii: he doused them with alcohol, carefully folded in a bag and hid at home.

After the liberation of the city experts have examined the remains and put them in a zinc coffin with a small glass window, which in turn was placed in the remaining underground section. Naturally, the remains were now unsightly, and not to injure the psyche of children who visited the tomb, the coffin covered with a velvet blanket. The mausoleum was reconstructed in the same place, but in a smaller size. It was opened in 1965.

Before the mausoleum was devastated by the vandals in 2016, for a long time was in a derelict state. Descended into the underground chamber had an eerie sight: water on two feet, the damp and rotten corpse. According to eyewitnesses, the kidnappers gave the tomb a real massacre, smashing the interior and damaging the bone.

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