Why Marshal Baghramyan believed the most efficient of Russian soldiers

History 14/01/20 Why Marshal Baghramyan believed the most efficient of Russian soldiers

In the USSR was declared the creation of a new historical community – the Soviet people. Therefore underline a special role of any ethnic group outside of this concept was considered nationalism and persecuted. But there were those who went against the attitudes and stereotypes, continuing to be a Soviet man. This was the Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Bagramyan.

His way

Ethnic-Armenian Bagramyan was born 20 November (2 December), 1897, in the village Chardakhlu of Yelizavetpol province. Graduated from primary school in Yelizavetpol, received diplomas with honors from the railway school in Tiflis in 1912 and technical College in 1915. He worked on the railroad as a technician practitioner.
the Military career of Ivan Bagramyan began when he volunteered for the First world war, writes a site “Heroes of war”. Ivan served in the infantry, then became a trooper. His superiors sent Baghramyan in the school of ensigns, which he graduated from in 1917.
Bagramyan plunged into politics, supporting the party “Dashnaktsutiun”. Fought in independent Armenia against the Turks: a company commander, a squadron commander.
Then Baghramyan changed his views and sided with the Soviet regime, contributing to its establishment first in Armenia and then in Georgia.
was in the biography of Ivan Khristoforovich and diplomatic page: in 1921 he was worked as the Secretary of the Military representative of the Armenian SSR in Georgia, then returned to the army. His fate is tied to military service, steps which are reflected in the archival documents.
In June 1934, Bagramyan graduated from the Military Academy named after Frunze and was appointed chief of staff of the 5th cavalry division of the Kiev military district (KVO). “Exceptional cultural work. Great military erudition. Strong-willed character. Discipline is impeccable” – so have attestable Bagramyan in the individual case.
In the course of mass repression commanders of the red army Bagramyan recalled his service in the army of the Dashnaks from the penalty was saved, writes the Belarusian newspaper “Znamya Yunosti” personal intercession of Anastas Mikoyan.
After Hitler’s invasion of the CWE was transformed into the southwestern front. Manoogian gradually grew up in the pyramid the command of the southwestern front. Then in other areas commanded the army, the 1st Baltic and 3rd Belorussian fronts (at the end of the war). Describes the battle path of Ivan Khristoforovich, candidate of historical Sciences Nikolay Glukharev.
“In the red army, Bagramyan was known as the master of breakthroughs, all the Red army took with him an example”, – tells in the memoirs of General Pyotr Grigorenko.
There is a story about how Bagramyan sent Stalin a bottle of water from the Baltic sea, but before she reached the addressee, the Germans again occupied the territory, and Stalin said: “Let Bagramyan pour the water into the Baltic sea”. That Bagramyan did, finally securing the territory for Soviet troops.
hero of the Soviet Union, five orders of Lenin, order of October Revolution, 3 orders of the red banner, 2 orders of Suvorov I degree, order of Kutuzov I degree, noted the Polish and Mongolian awards. Participated in the development and implementation of major defensive and offensive operations.
distinguished himself as a military leader and strategist during the Cuban missile crisis. The image of Bagramyan repeatedly reflected in Soviet cinema, where it played, in particular, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.
Died, Ivan Bagramyan 21 Sep 1982.

Russian – power!

throughout the service Hakobyan singled out the special qualities of the Russian soldiers – fighting ability, durability, sharpness. Hakobyan said: “If the division has less than half Russian, it is necessary to dismantle”. He said that during the Great Patriotic war on the basis of their leadership experience. Moreover, survived his report to headquarters, where he demanded to send to the gain on the Crimean FRONT 15 thousand Russian soldiers and form them from the Russian troops, withdrawing from their structure of Caucasians.
As a member of the CPSU(b)/CPSU Hambardzumyan could not stress the rail and the leading role of Marxism-Leninism in the movement of the Soviet Union to a brighter future. However, he was aware that without Russian – as the state of the nation – the Soviet Union would have collapsed into small territorial formation.
Not being a nationalist, Ivan Bagramyan did not hesitate to show their respect and admiration for the Russian people and the Russian language. For example, at the meeting, opened the work of the Supreme Council of the Latvian SSR was created, the presiding officer and the speakers were talking in Latvian. Then spoke Manoogian – Armenian. Then the speakers switched to Russian, follow-up meetings were held in the Russian language, they great owned by all present.

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