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History 15/01/20 What salary was Hitler

In August 1934, Hitler, replacing the deceased Paul von Hindenburg, assumed the post of Reich President of the Weimar Republic. Through this, all the power in the country was concentrated in his hands. However, stipend was allowed to the head of state, Hitler refused. So how much was given to the Reich President, the widespread was a gesture of Hitler?

the assumption of the post of Reich President

according to V. Bulavin, in his book “Mysteries of history. The third Reich”, the day before the death of Reich President Paul von Hindenburg, that is, 1 August 1934, Adolf Hitler together with the Cabinet of Ministers decided that in case of death of the head of the Weimar Republic, all the powers will go to the Chancellor of the country. The last-mentioned position he held then Hitler himself. The decision from a formal point of view it was quite legal, as, according to Bulavino, the basis for it was a law granting emergency powers to the government.

By that time, according to Boris Mandel, author of the book “world literature: Nobel laureates years 1931-1956”, the power of the Hindenburg has long weakened, and the Reich President. The fact that Paul von Hindenburg was old and his mental capacity is poor, he turned into a decrepit despot. 2 August 1934 at the age of 86 years he died. That day the future field Marshal Heinz Guderian wrote in his diary that “the old Lord” did not, “tomorrow will be to swear allegiance to Hitler.”

the rejection of the salary and the size of the

And indeed at the beginning of August 1934 Adolf Hitler declared himself head of the Weimar Republic and the Supreme commander of the Reichswehr. Thus, as noted in his book “the Global elite. Who will be allowed in the club” Vitaliy and Elena Polikarpova, Hitler was able to concentrate in his hands all power in the state and also to seize nesmethe unwelcome wealth. Indeed, the salary of the Reich President were considerable – 472 thousand marks a year. For comparison, Hitler’s personal Secretary during the same period received a total of 36 thousand marks (“Alexander Strokach, “the twilight of the gods”).

nevertheless, Hitler’s presidential salary is not taken. If you believe Fritz Thyssen, the author of the publication “I paid Hitler. Confessions of a German tycoon”, to the Fuhrer didn’t do that one. Incapable of a kind gesture turned out to be the predecessor of Adolf Hitler Paul von Hindenburg. However, the Chancellor Heinrich brüning did something similar. Leonid Mlechin, author of “Hitler vs Stalin”, writes that brüning was very modest in its requests, and even personal car and prefer public transport. The remains of the salary that he did not have time to spend, he returned to the cashier.

the reasons for the rejection of the salary

From the considerable salary of the Reich President, Hitler refused for one simple reason: the Fuhrer was already one of the richest men in Europe. At least Simon Dunstan and Gerrard William, the authors of the book “Grey wolf. The escape of Adolf Hitler”, saying that in the early days Hitler took huge contributions to party funds by Industrialists, interested in the prosperity of the Weimar Republic. The counter the leader of the party were disposed of at their discretion. A good income brought Hitler work “Mein Kampf” which radiated millions of copies.

meanwhile it is worth noting that this is “Mein Kampf” Hitler, being a practical man, managed to turn the rejection of Reich President’s salary in profit. So, according to Her Steiner, author of “Hitler” Adolf Hitler allowed himself to avoid paying taxes on royalties for his autobiographical work, under the pretext that, being in public office, he receives no salary.

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