The business said Wednesday it intends to create warehouses in its shops where self-driving robots will bring markets and have them prepared for shoppers to pick up in one hour or even less.

Walmart expects the warehouses will accelerate curbside pickups, where orders have been attracted outside to shoppers’ cars. The choice, together with deliveries, became popular as virus-weary shoppers prevent going inside shops. At the beginning of the pandemic a year ago, Walmart said pickup and delivery sales grew 300 percent.

The business said the robots will not ramble shop aisles. Rather, they will stay inside warehouses developed in distinct locations, either inside a shop or alongside it. Windows is going to be put at some places so shoppers can observe the robots do the job.

The wheeled robots take crates of apple cereal, juice and other tiny products to Walmart employees, who then bag them for shoppers. Rival Amazon utilizes similar technology in its own warehouses, together with robots bringing novels, vitamins and other tiny things to employees to box and send.

Walmart stated the robots conserve time because workers do not need to walk shop aisles to find items. Employees will, nevertheless, have to enter the shop to pick out new markets, such as beef, vegetables and fish. They’ll also need to catch TVs, vacuum cleaner and other big items which are too big for the bots to take.