Tori Spelling recalled her father’s humility and groundedness.

Tori Spelling is the daughter of late producer Aaron Spelling. She learned from her father to be grounded and humble.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Spelling, 48, spoke out about her relationship to her father who died in 2006. She also shared her thoughts on how her children got into the entertainment business.

“I was born into Hollywood families, and I think my father being as big as he was as producer – he had so much grounding and so humble,” the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star said to Fox News Digital.

Aaron Spelling is the man behind many classic hits like “Melrose Place”, ” Charlie’s Angels,” and “Mod Squad”.
He was my mentor. He was my father, but he was also my mentor in life. She told Fox News Digital that she saw him handle people and how genuine he loved his fans. He never changed. That kind of transitioned onto my mind, I believe. This is what I observed. This is what I learned. This is why I don’t change.

“I was born into Hollywood, and I think my father being as big as he was as producer was a huge blessing. He was so grounded, so humble, and so kind.”

— Tori Spelling

She continued, “I’ve always felt grounded and I truly believe that,” she said. “And that’s something that I strongly feel with my children, you know, wanting them to be grounded and humble. They should always be kind to others, I assure them.

Tori Spelling has five children with Dean McDermott. McDermott and Spelling met while filming Mind over Murder in 2005. They were previously married to different people at the time but they were finally married in 2006.

Tori Spelling stated that she would support her children’s entry into the Hollywood industry. Fox News Digital asked Tori Spelling if she could “encourage” them to act if they “really wanted it.” With the rise of social media such as TikTok, today’s celebrity culture has changed.

“It’s a new type of celebrity. They have their own talents, their own journeys, and great businesses. It was very different as a child. You didn’t just want to be famous if you wanted to become an actor.

“I had an agent, took acting classes, and worked hard on myself before I put myself out there. If they truly wanted it, that’s what I would encourage. It’s not enough to say, “Hey, my goal is to become famous” or “Hey, my dream is to be an actor or celebrity.” You have to show that you are determined enough to do it. This industry can either build you up or tear you down. There is a lot to be rejected. You have to be ready for rejection.

Tori Spelling has many roles in her acting career, including a brand partnership with Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut will sponsor a cardio-filled, 90s-themed workout on February 12, ahead of Super Bowl LVI.

As for her big game day plans? Tori Spelling said she will be preparing traditional appetizers, but with a healthier twist.

Fox News Digital: “I love to make my own dishes and meals,” she said. It’s a challenge that I enjoy. How can I make nachos healthier and fit them into a daily calorie count?