Valérie Plante renewed her confidence in the Montreal Fire Department (SIM) on Wednesday after “a not easy day” trying to explain a “moratorium” on one aspect of the application of emergency exit standards .

The mayoress of Montreal has rejected the request of the official opposition to the city hall, which requires the launch of an independent investigation into this issue.

The SIM staff “have my full confidence,” Ms. Plante said at a press conference. “I have full confidence in all firefighters and management. We have worked with them for so long. We went through COVID-19 together, we managed to find incredible solutions. »

“Having said that,” she continued, “with what happened and because of the horrific death of seven people, I want to put more energy and support them to revise the entire process. »

The day before, she had announced an intervention by the Comptroller General of the City – the guardian of ethics at City Hall – to “accompany” the SIM in the review of this moratorium.

The Globe and Mail revealed on Tuesday that the SIM had in 2018 triggered a moratorium on certain aspects of building inspections in Montreal. The moratorium affected (and still affects) “expertise intended for the courts,” the mayor said on Wednesday. She said there were “troubling elements” in this situation.

On Tuesday, opposition leader Aref Salem said he was “worried”. “It seems like the City is running on its own, there is no pilot in the City. »