Queen Elizabeth’s Grandson shared his self-care tips during BetterUp’s Inner Work Day

Prince Harry has been accused of being out-of-touch with reality after he admitted that he suffers “burnout.”

The 37 year-old royal took part in Thursday’s Inside Work Day with BetterUp. This is a professional and personal organization that he serves as chief influence officer. Harry shared that he practices self-care in order to combat “burnout” during his appearance. Harry explained that people who are suffering from burnout must “look within themselves” to find ways to overcome it and to be successful.

Many on Twitter were not convinced that Harry could relate to the ordinary problems faced by non-royals.

” #PrinceHarry lives one helluva #Privileged bubble. He complains about worker burnout and gets paid millions by a #woke business. He is thankful for his “personal coaches”, who help him see the bigger picture. One user tweeted that he is “so out of touch it’s painful”

One person said that “I still haven’t figured out #PrinceHarry why I was getting burnedout from.”

“Hilarious!!!! GO HOME HARRY !!!!!!!” One person stated.

“Tone deaf Prince Harry suffers #burnout” is another example of celebrities imagining their lives to be anything like ours. One person stated, “Don’t give them platform.”

I cannot believe anyone would preach mental health issues when they publicly shame and humiliate their families in the same way Prince Harry and his wife did. He needs professional help. This is a terrible advocate/frontman! It’s so sad,” one tweet said.

“I don’t care about Prince Harry’s self-worth and burnout. “He should complain to Ms Markle, or is she too exhausted?” another wrote.

“Prince Harry is suffering “Burnout” because he did nothing!” Another tweet says.

“My heart bleeds for Harry. He has spoken out about his burnout. My wife is disabled so I take care of the housework and pay the bills while working 50 hours a week. My cousin has a dementia parent and it is much worse than mine. Prince Harry is a clueless complaining pret!ck,” one person to.

Harry, along with several other stars like Serena Williams, and Pau Gasol opened up about their work to stay healthy and mentally fit for the challenges of life.
Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandson added that, while people can be supportive of each other, self-care is essential to combating burnout.

“I’m now putting in around half an hour, 45 mins in the morning, when it’s like, okay one of the children has gone to school, and the other is taking a nap. Right?” He said. “There is a break in the program.”

The prince stated that he should “meditate every day” and suggested that he could take his dog on a walk or go for exercise.

He said, “I would like that everyone would be able that.” “But, the truth is that self-care becomes a priority once your time begins to slip away and you have other commitments or need to be there for others, then it’s hard to find the time to do that.”

Harry stated that he is a father, husband, and businessman who knows how easy it can be to lose the practice of self-care. However, it is important to continue to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Harry is a father and husband as well as a writer and content developer for Spotify and Netflix.

Fox News reached out to Harry’s representatives but they did not immediately respond.